Technology Insights from the Tiburon CEO Summit

Held twice a year for the past 18 years, the Tiburon CEO Summit has become one of the most sought-after tickets in the world of finance. This spring’s gathering was no exception as hundreds of industry titans gathered in downtown Manhattan for the 36th Tiburon CEO Summit, which was held April 1-3, 2019, at The Wagner in New York City. Chip Roame, the managing partner of Tiburon Strategic Advisors, played host once again to some of the heaviest hitters in the world of finance. CEOs and other C-Suite executives came together to participate in this executive summit, and of course, to listen to Chip Roame’s 90-minute keynote address.

The summit also featured the firm’s traditional client-centric panel discussion (panellist names are always withheld to protect their identity) and two evening networking-based social events.

My team and I were there to help with onsite logistics, video capture and handle public relations. I’ve lost track of the number of Tiburon CEO Summits I’ve attended, but a quick mental check puts me attending at least a dozen and maybe more. What goes on behind closed doors (and even in the hallways) at the Tiburon CEO Summits is not revealed to the general public – and for good reason. Executives who come to the Tiburon CEO Summits often have animated and important conversations with the group as a whole and with each other in the corridors; thus, they have asked that their presentations and hallway conversations be held in confidence. But I’ll share what I can here, pulling back the curtain where I can, while sticking to the Tiburon code of honour.

For interesting fintech facts and observations, derived from Chip Roame’s keynote presentation and Tiburon Strategic Advisors’ research, click here to download a few hand-selected slides.

In addition, here are three videos, captured by my team and livestreamed with permission from Tiburon, during CEO Summit XXXVI:

Day 1 – April 2: Chip Roame’s 90-minute keynote address broadly addressed the state of the financial services industry, with a specific focus on the growing wealth management market. A smattering of fintech related factoids is shown below, in this article. If you’d like to watch the keynote captured via livestream, click here.

Day 1 – April 2: There was an introduction to Impact Adventures, a way for folks in the finance community to give to people in need. Rather than simply donating money, these men and women give their time, traveling around the world, visiting different communities, seeing first-hand the good they do by helping others. To hear Craig Weiss, President of First Rate, speak more about this charity adventure in his 15-minute presentation, click here.

Day 3 – April 3: Skip Schweiss of TD Ameritrade and Craig Gordon of RBC spoke about something that has been traditionally called Skip & Chip’s Excellent Adventures. These outdoorsy-type adventures are meant to bring the Tiburon community executives together in a fun but challenging way. Options for those who are less inclined to exert a great amount of physical energy are now being offered as well. The goal is to build camaraderie and generate conversations outside of traditional business settings. To see this 15-minute talk by discussing past and future adventures, click here.

Marie Swift
Marie Swift
Marie Swift is President and CEO of Impact Communications, a full-service marketing communications firm serving a select group of independent financial advisors and allied institutions. Impact Communications works solely within the financial services industry. The firm has two service lines – one for highly-successful independent advisors and one for the institutions that support independent advisors. A thought leader for thought leaders, she is known for bringing some of the industry's best and brightest voices together for dialog and debate. Her Best Practices in the Financial Services Industry blog, which can be found at, provides insights and advice for financial advisors and the institutions that serve them.

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