Tegra118 Makes First Strategic Acquisition with Purchase of Retirement Income Planning Software Provider RetireUp

Tegra118 Makes First Strategic Acquisition with Purchase of Retirement Income Planning Software Provider RetireUp

Tegra118, a provider of wealth and asset management technology solutions – and a portfolio company of Motive Partners, a specialist private equity firm – announced its acquisition of Illinois-based RetireUp, a provider of retirement planning technology. The acquisition will help advisors enrich their client relationships with powerful retirement income planning through a seamless, modern experience. It underscores Tegra118’s promise to accelerate innovation, build its core platform with purpose, and simplify the wealth management experience for clients.

Founded by a team of financial advisors, RetireUp boasts software and simulations that make it easy for advisors to assess a client’s needs for specific lifetime income products. RetireUp’s solutions also transform complex financial concepts into easy-to-understand “big-picture” visuals, so advisors can help investors become active participants in their own financial futures. The entire RetireUp team will join Tegra118 as part of this transaction.

“We’re excited about our acquisition of RetireUp, a platform that helps advisors bring retirement income to the center of client conversations,” said Cheryl Nash, Chief Executive Officer, Tegra118. “In today’s climate, retirement income is top of mind. Advisors and investors benefit from richer discussions that provide a full picture of lifetime income from Social Security, annuities, pensions, insurance and other assets. This acquisition marks an important one in our growth story and is a testament to Motive Partners’ commitment to accelerate and advance Tegra118’s wealthtech platform.”

“RetireUp is a strong complement to Tegra118’s rapidly expanding suite of front office solutions,” said Alvi Abuaf, Industry Partner at Motive Partners and Board Member at Tegra118. “Its clean user interface helps advisors easily incorporate annuities into the overall financial planning process, for an experience that’s holistic, collaborative, and personalized. It’s especially useful during these turbulent times, as annuities become a more important component of investment portfolios given their security and predictability. The acquisition will also bolster Tegra118’s offerings in the growing Insurance Wealth Advisory segment. In sum, it exemplifies Motive Partners’ vision of investing in innovative tools and capabilities that better serve the needs of financial advisors and investors.”

“We’re thrilled to join the Tegra118 team,” said Michael Roth, RetireUp’s President. “Since 2012, RetireUp has supported insurance broker-dealers with a focus on annuity and financial planning advice. Joining forces with Tegra118, an established leader in the wealth management industry, is a logical and exciting next step that allows us to thoughtfully expand our footprint. Our combined offerings give Tegra118 an edge in addressing the growing market for lifetime income solutions.”

RetireUp Head of Technology Dan Santner commented, “RetireUp and Tegra118 bring unique strengths to the industry through proven, mission-critical technology that helps advisors enrich their client relationships through innovative, impactful solutions.”

Together with our clients, we at Tegra118 are building the future of wealth management technology, and RetireUp’s unique strengths will make our proven, mission-critical technology even stronger. Learn more at www.tegra118.com.

About Tegra118

Tegra118 is a provider of software solutions to the wealth and asset management industry with a vast network of broker-dealers, asset managers, and custodians and trading interfaces. Its technology platform provides portfolio management, trading, accounting, rebalancing and reporting for managed accounts. Tegra118 also provides modular, goals-based financial planning, performance reporting and fee billing software for financial advisors and asset managers using modern API-based open technology. Tegra118 is committed to delivering powerful solutions that set a new standard for how people interact with, manage, and grow their wealth.

Tegra118 is a Motive Partners company, a specialist private equity firm with offices in New York City and London, focused on technology-enabled business and financial services companies. For more information, please visit www.tegra118.com.

About RetireUp

RetireUp is a provider of integrated retirement income planning solutions built to strengthen the client-advisor relationship. By presenting complex concepts in easily understood numbers and graphics, RetireUp allows advisors to quickly engage clients and transform them into enthusiastic participants in the planning process. With powerful tools, actuarial-level product modeling, data integration, and an automated forms system, RetireUp facilitates more meaningful client-advisor conversations and faster, better solutions that streamline the entire planning process. For more information, visit www.retireup.com.

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