The Oasis Group Announces Launch of Online Training Platform

The Oasis Group Announces Launch of Online Training Platform

Developed by industry veteran John O’Connell, the training courses are built to provide in-depth, educational information about wealth management industry segments, revenue processes, technology, and more.

The Oasis Group, a provider of  consulting and advisory services for wealth management and financial technology firms, today announces the launch of its online training platform for financial professionals. Developed by Oasis Group CEO and author John O’Connell, these flexible training courses incorporate actionable insights and best practices to fast-track any financial professional’s business and career objectives.

“Our training courses are designed to give financial professionals the knowledge and skills they need to expand their services, better support their clients, and ultimately grow their firms,” said O’Connell. “We launched this training platform to serve as a leading source of education for financial professionals at all levels in their careers.”

The platform is currently live, with six courses already available to both financial professionals and students pursuing careers in the industry:

  • Cybersecurity Field Guide, introducing cybersecurity concepts for C-Suite executives, outlining the types of cybersecurity threats, and how firms can lower the risks of those threats.
  • Wealth Management Market Field Guide, introducing the wealth management marketplace and its 10 market segments.
  • Wealth Client Journey Field Guide, covering the journey of a wealth management client from a lead through the annual meeting process.
  • Banking Market Field Guide, offering an overview of the banking market segment for any firm who intends to offer products and services to the banking market.
  • Wirehouse Market Field Guide, offering an overview of the wirehouse market segment, including its history and evolution.
  • Custodian Market Field Guide, providing an overview of the custodian market segment, including its revenue streams and key market participants.

Each month, additional courses will be released. Flexible pricing options are designed to accommodate firms and enterprises that wish to provide group training to upskill their team members. Users have unlimited access to their courses for 180 days, ensuring they can learn at their own pace and rewatch lessons to reinforce specific learning objectives. 

“We are thrilled to be able to share our firm’s own deep industry expertise with others who are looking to learn how to attract the right clients, grow their business, and operate more efficiently,” O’Connell explained. “Understanding these different processes, how a wealth management firm works, and what these markets look like can accelerate the growth trajectory of wealth management firms and the products and service companies who sell their solutions to the wealth management market.”

The field guides and training courses were developed by O’Connell after spending more than 30 years leading worldwide development initiatives in sales, marketing, customer service, and support organizations across the financial space. O’Connell has spent much of his career at some of the industry’s most esteemed institutions including Merrill Lynch, KPMG, Sybase, and Oracle. John authored the book, “Rise of The Activist Investor,” a handbook for investors who want their investments to reflect their values. 

In addition to its training courses, The Oasis Group helps individuals and organizations solve complex growth, sales, and technology challenges through a range of consulting and advisory services spanning the full business life cycle, including product and services strategy, market penetration, sales, client lifecycle, and transformation program execution.

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