TradePMR Launches Advisor Evolution Sciences for Financial Advisors

TradePMR Launches Advisor Evolution Sciences for Financial Advisors

The curated program delivers knowledge, skills, and insights from recognized thought leaders to registered investment advisors working with TradePMR.

TradePMR, a technology and custodial services provider for Registered Investment Advisers (RIAs), announced today a new kind of service offering: Advisor Evolution Sciences (AES). AES is a curated offering designed to help RIAs continually evolve their businesses to capitalize on shifting industry trends and meet expanding client expectations. The launch of AES was announced at TradePMR’s annual SYNERGY conference in Tampa, Fla. 

“The industry is rapidly changing – with these changes come challenges, and opportunities,” said Robb Baldwin, Founder and CEO of TradePMR. “For nearly 25 years, TradePMR has delivered top-rated technology1 backed by a white-glove approach to service. With AES, we are taking that support to another level. We are aiming to provide advisors with the insights they need to not only succeed in today’s market, but to prepare their firms for the market of tomorrow.” 

TradePMR has developed AES to help advisors to seize emerging opportunities in response to shifting industry dynamics: 

  • The great wealth transfer: $80 trillion in assets will transition in the next two decades.
  • Issues engaging with the next generation: 70% of heirs will fire their parents’ advisors.
  • Mass retirement among financial advisors: more than a third of advisors will retire over the next decade.
  • Technology disruption influencing client expectations: the explosion of technology and AI-driven platforms is shifting client expectations; clients expect more from their RIA than simply managing money. 

TradePMR recognizes that each of these trends can have a profound impact on RIAs. While the RIA industry continues to grow, that growth is often concentrated amongst the largest firms. AES is designed to arm advisors of all sizes with knowledge, skills, and insights to help them address these trends and leverage their growth opportunities. AES will connect advisors with “Catalysts” 

– thought leaders and subject matter experts in technology, communications, marketing, psychology, human capital development, business and organizational strategy, among other disciplines. 

“As technology and AI continue to evolve and expand, I believe that the value of personal connections and relationships will increase exponentially,” added TradePMR Chief Client Growth Officer, Bill Coppel, architect of AES. “I predict that with this technology proliferation, the role of the advisor will change from “managing money” to guiding people, families, businesses, with a plan to curate well-being in their lives. AES is focused on helping advisors adapt to this changing environment, arming them with the skills they need to support their clients in defining, articulating, and achieving what matters most.” 

Coppel and the team at TradePMR have built AES to solve for three key success factors: 

  1. Strategy: help RIAs to define and refine their growth strategy. 
  2. Skills: work with advisors to evaluate the skills of their team to ensure they can execute their growth strategy. 
  3. Story: identify key differentiators for RIA businesses to deploy marketing that compels current and prospective clients 

“Calling AES a practice management program would be a disservice,” continued Coppel. “Over the past 10 years, advisors have seen their tech stack evolve, largely due to the developments outside of the industry. For Advisor Evolution Sciences, it is our mission to leverage top thought leaders and catalysts across industries in our attempt to deliver world-class strategy and skills to the wealth management space.” 

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