tru Independence selects Lumiant and Advyzon for their new EAS Platform

tru Independence selects Lumiant and Advyzon for their new EAS Platform

tru Independence, a $9 billion national independent advisory community, announced the launch of truView, which will power a new Experience As a Service (EAS) platform. tru has achieved this milestone through extensive feedback, data collection and research, with an end goal of giving breakaway and existing advisors what they have been asking for: a platform that combines behavioral finance, fintech and human capital to drive their business growth.

The focus on addressing these needs arises during a time of unparalleled turbulence and disruption in the financial services industry. There is a notable shift in attention towards exploring open API solutions, effectively communicating in volatile markets, and navigating the instability within the banking sector and the job market. All this chaos has advisors wanting less complication, desiring more transparency, and feeling as though their business partners are not hearing them or delivering tangible resources and solutions. EAS reimagines the way advisors are supported in their daily operations by offering embedded fintech solutions within a single-source-code platform. This user-friendly technology eliminates the complexities of the traditional technology stack. Moreover, EAS focuses on enhancing the overall client experience, delivering an intuitive and efficient solution.

In building out the EAS platform, tru tapped foundational partners to execute parts of its vision. To deliver the fintech portion of EAS, tru developed truView, a unique offering that provides business insights, client information, portfolio management, risk metrics, planning, and investment management all embedded together, operating as one piece of technology. Its intuitive nature creates greater efficiency and reduces staff training, giving advisors and their teams back valuable time to spend with clients and prospects. Comprehensive technology platform Advyzon was chosen as the foundational chassis for truView, and advice engagement platform Lumiant has also signed on to support the behavioral finance aspect of EAS. In the coming months, tru expects to add additional partnerships that will live within the truView ecosystem as embedded technology.

“EAS is not a tru thing, it needs to be an industry thing. Over the course of a year, we spoke with hundreds of advisory firms and a common refrain was that while our industry is flooded in fintech, it remains a time-consuming and overwhelming experience that doesn’t always deliver the expected functionality,” said Amit Dogra, President and COO of tru Independence. “To that end, we forged strategic partnerships with forward-looking fintech providers that are equally committed to shaping the industry, and thus clients’ lives, for the better.”

“We were excited when the opportunity to help create the foundation for truView came about. We truly understand that Experience As a Service is the connective tissue that binds everything together and our technology is developed with that in mind,” added Lee Andreatta, CEO of Advyzon Investment Management. “While it may not be the immediate focal point of industry discussions, this concept is top of mind for advisors. We are more than happy to work with Amit and tru, operating as the fintech engine that brings truView to life.”

Blake Wood, U.S. CEO of Lumiant, said, “The concept of an experience-centric platform made complete sense to us. With the launch of truView, Amit and his team are doubling down on a belief that is also deep at the heart of Lumiant—that financial planning needs to be expanded to help clients and advisor understand the ‘why’ behind their financial and non-financial goals so that they can live their best life. The best advice experiences transcend traditional outputs, and we look forward to partnering with truView to co-create an innovative, robust and complete client engagement process as an integral part of tru’s EAS platform.”

tru Independence has already added $1 billion multi-family office Seven Mile Advisory this year and is poised to make a series of announcements throughout the coming months.

“When we talk to advisors about service excellence and our focus on the advisor experience, they want to know more about how we are delivering an Experience As a Service platform. When they see truView, they are blown away and it has led to the direct signing of four new teams, collectively totaling $2.5 billion in AUM, in just a few months,” added Dogra. “It has served as a clear differentiator for us, and we fully expect this to be the biggest year in company history by a healthy margin.”


Founded in 2014, tru Independence is a leader in delivering independence optimized to established RIAs and breakaway advisors seeking to grow their business efficiently and effectively. Drawing upon decades of industry experience, tru Independence is a service delivery firm that creates a unique experience for advisors through the combination of behavioral finance, fintech and human capital. The breadth and depth of this expertise allows advisors to focus on client services, while tru focuses on being a fiduciary, growth and service excellence partner. For more information, please visit

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