Yourefolio™ and InterActive Legal Reveal Virtual Planning Experience to Reduce Workload for All Involved

InterActive Legal, co-founded in 2003 by Trusts & Estates attorneys Jonathan G. Blattmachrand, Michael L. Graham and Yourefolio™, an estate and legacy planning software for financial planners and their clients, announced a collaborative partnership and full integration between the InterActive Legal best-in-class document drafting solution and the Yourefolio platform. This integration will create a unique offering for both estate planning attorneys and financial advisors. The fully integrated platforms will allow advisors not only to share information with attorneys using the Yourefolio™ platform but to also assist with populating information into the ILS document drafting system, thus eliminating the need to enter duplicate information. This will allow for a more effective document drafting process for estate planning clients of both financial advisors and estate planning attorneys.

The partnership will also create a collaboration of advisors and attorneys by offering a pilot program where advisors can voluntarily request documents to accompany their “Plan” created in the Yourefolio™ platform. Once advisors have created an estate plan and subsequently aggregated all the corresponding information, a button can be clicked requesting a collaborating attorney to assist in producing accompanying documents. Those documents can then be delivered through a shared document file. This program will provide a virtual planning experience reducing the workload for everyone involved including clients.


“This is an exciting moment in digital estate planning,” said Scott Huff, CEO of Yourefolio. Our partnership with InterActive Legal provides a complete estate planning offering for everyone. For those who offer estate planning as part of their service, this will provide for a better client experience while bringing estate planning into the modern technology era.”

InterActive Legal CEO Michael L. Graham and newly named President Vanessa Kanaga are equally pleased with this collaboration. “This moves the ball forward on better integration, better client communication, and a more robust experience in best practices for all involved. This collaboration is perfectly in sync with InterActive Legal’s goal of creating the best experience for the client and the most seamless information flow for all involved.”

As part of the agreement, InterActive Legal will provide online resources including webinars, a knowledge base and an advisor forum. The advisor forum will allow advisors to post questions, responses and comments, viewable to other professionals in the industry. “This will truly be a great educational resource for financial advisors and attorneys alike,” added Huff. “InterActive Legal and Yourefolio™ will be providing a unique collaboration effort between both professions to better serve the industry and clients.”


InterActive Legal’ s planning and drafting systems help attorneys across the nation tackle complicated planning challenges. By collaborating with professional estate planning and elder law experts, InterActive Legal provides subscribers with a knowledge-based system that include planning strategies, information and ongoing professional development. InterActive Legal helps subscribers to Connect, Collaborate and Create® by deploying artificial intelligence that allows attorneys to spend more time and energy focused on their clients.  Learn more at


Yourefolio™ an estate and legacy planning software for planners and their clients. Their approach to estate planning provides professionals a way to prospect, engage, plan, illustrate, review and settle estates. Yourefolio™ is designed to bridge the gap in planning for everyone involved.  It’s more than that binder of documents; it’s a platform that incorporates a digital approach for professionals. Yourefolio™ includes an avatar-assisted onboarding module, a gamification tool for beneficiaries and client passing notifications. For more information visit,

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