Advisor Group Unveils Enhancements to Create Competitive Advantages in Fiduciary Era

Advisor Group Unveils Enhancements to Create Competitive Advantages in Fiduciary Era

Advisor Group, one of the nation’s largest networks of independent financial advisory firms, comprised of SagePoint Financial, FSC Securities Corporation, Woodbury Financial and Royal Alliance, last week announced several key platform enhancements to help the firm’s advisors best serve their clients. To demonstrate the firm’s commitment to advisors, Advisor Group is kicking off a 19-city roadshow titled The Future is Now, which begins on January 10th in Cambridge, MA, will allow newly appointed President and CEO, Jamie Price, Executive Chairman Valerie Brown, and other executives began sharing the specifics of the platform strategy.

“We are making a major investment in our advisors’ futures because we believe in their potential for growth when provided with the right platform, tools and pricing to serve the unique needs of all clients. We are squarely in their corner, standing behind them every step of the way,” said Advisor Group President & CEO, Jamie Price. “This is an inflection point in our industry that provides us with an unprecedented opportunity to differentiate ourselves and help our advisors to do the same. I could not be more excited for the future of our firm and the advisors we work with every day.”

Key elements of Advisor Group’s new platform strategy include: 

  • Continuing to support commission-based business with improved pricing on its brokerage platform to ensure clients are given a choice in how they engage with their financial advisors
  • Enhancing the advisory platform by reducing fees and charges
  • Introducing a new advisory product, the Genesis Series,that gives clients access to institutional strategists such as Vanguard, American Funds and iShares at lower minimums powered by Envestnet PMC research
  • Introducing a new mutual fund only, no-transaction fee platform for commission accounts eliminating IRA custody and transaction fees to allow advisors and clients to more easily consolidate household assets onto the brokerage platform
  • Launching an educational program to support rollout of the new DOL-compliant solutions and platform

To meet the ongoing desire for education, the firm is launching a modern, digital education platform that will enable advisors to attend virtual conferences including events with live speakers, breakout sessions and peer-to-peer group discussions – all from the convenience of their offices. These forums will be recorded, searchable and available online 24/7 on any device. Additionally, the firm will be launching a dedicated DOL/Regulatory Hotline and Wikipedia-like microsite to give advisors access to real-time information and to ensure they are totally equipped to handle whatever changes ultimately get implemented.

“Our job as a dedicated partner has always been to equip advisors with the products, technology and tools they need to meet their clients’ needs and grow their businesses” said Advisor Group Executive Chairman Valerie Brown. “We believe our platform enhancements not only offer benefits to advisors’ clients, but also give advisors a clear competitive edge. Looking at the sheer potential that lies ahead for our advisors and our firm, I can’t think of a more exciting time to be in this industry.”


Advisor Group Inc. is one of the nation’s largest networks of independent financial advisors serving over 5,000 advisors and overseeing approximately $160 billion in client assets. Headquartered in Phoenix, AZ, the firm is mission-driven to support the heroic role that advisors can play in the lives of their clients, offering securities and investment advisory services through its subsidiaries FSC Securities Corp., Royal Alliance Associates Inc., SagePoint Financial Inc. and Woodbury Financial Services Inc, as broker/dealers, registered investment advisors and members of FINRA and SIPC. By cultivating a spirit of entrepreneurship and independence, Advisor Group champions the enduring value of financial advisors and is committed to being in their corner every step of the way.

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