Advisor Turned Tech Entrepreneur Rolls Out his Business Intelligence and Insights Platform at the T3 Advisor Conference

Advisor Turned Tech Entrepreneur Rolls Out his Business Intelligence and Insights Platform at the T3 Advisor Conference

Advisor Metrix, a business intelligence platform for financial advisors, today at the T3 Technology Conference for financial advisors announced the public release of its software, including its integrations with technology providers Riskalyze, Redtail and Jive Communications.

Advisor Metrix delivers financial advisors and their teams with a single, comprehensive view of their essential business and client data with insights from the software solutions they use to run their daily operations. Some of its key features include abilities to create customizable dashboards to review information like historical deposits and withdrawals to identify overall cash flow, charts to monitor gross revenue, and an intuitive time tracker to more accurately identify profitability per client.

Advisor Metrix was founded by Thom K. Hall, CFP®, ChFC, a financial professional with more than 25 years of experience helping investors. Hall built Advisor Metrix because when he looked around for a business management dashboard designed to provide a consolidated, clear view of his business operations, and he couldn’t find a solution to meet his needs.


Through its integrations with Riskalyze and Redtail, Advisor Metrix gives advisors a single solution to find consolidated and summarized views of their data, prioritized from their favorite applications.

“We’re very excited about Redtail’s integration with Advisor Metrix, which will enable us to provide advisors with a clear and consolidated view of their day-to-day operations,” said Redtail CEO Brian McLaughlin. “Instant access to clean and actionable operations data, presented in a format to spark insight, is crucial for advisors to streamline their businesses and we share that passion at Redtail. There are an enormous amount of opportunities to further strengthen client relationships through cross-platform data sharing like this, and they ultimately have the potential to be a fantastic benefit for many practices.”

“It’s exciting to see customers like Thom leveraging our API to build great things with the Risk Number,” said Aaron Klein, CEO at Riskalyze. “The Advisor Metrix dashboard provides powerful insights to help advisors boost their practice efficiency and revenue productivity and we are proud to have the Risk Number at its core.”

Advisor Metrix also provides advisors with at-a-glance views of detailed and summarized client records, automatically pushed front and center on their dashboard each time a client calls through an industry-first VOIP integration with Jive Communications. Each phone call can be automatically logged and recorded for compliance.


In a nutshell, Advisor Metrix offers:

  • Real-time tracking of money in movement, revenue by product, account, client, household, or segment, pipeline opportunity funnel, and more
  • Day one integrations with Redtail and Riskalyze
  • VOIP integration with Jive Communications
  • Simple user-roles and practical platform access

The insights delivered through Advisor Metrix can assist advisors with monitoring the health and vitality of their business. Additional features include:

  • Track money movement in real-time
  • View current asset and revenue opportunities and gaps for clients
  • Manage the prospect pipeline
  • Identify the most profitable relationships and client segments, at-a-glance

To learn more about the Advisor Metrix business intelligence platform, sign up for an in-depth webinar, hosted in collaboration with Riskalyze, on February 13, 2017 to see how advisors can use this new solution to more accurately evaluate business performance, provide more meaningful advice, streamline compliance oversight, and improve team efficiency.


Advisor Metrix is a business intelligence and insights software designed to deliver essential data to financial professionals in a single, instantly accessible view. Through a frictionless, feature-rich dashboard and best-of-breed integrations with leading fintech solutions, Advisor Metrix provides a consolidated look at business and client data, enabling financial professionals to more accurately monitor and evaluate the performance of their practice, provide more meaningful advice, and improve efficiency and performance within their teams. For more information, visit

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