AdvisorClarity Does “Big Reveal” at T3 Conference: First Provider to Bring Big Data to Independent Financial Advisors

After months of rigorous development and beta testing, AdvisorClarity, LLC announced the launch of its comprehensive business intelligence software and service designed specifically for independent financial advisory firms.

AdvisorClarity not only provides robust visualizations with drill-down capabilities and advanced filtering, but the firm also manages data acquisition, data normalization and data maintenance. Fueled by big data, these robust metrics are aimed at elevating the independent financial advisory profession. Key benefits include:

  • Fully outsourced, enterprise-class business intelligence is now available to financial planners and investment advisory firms
  • Business leaders have immediate access to explore and analyze key performance indicators including profitability, AUM, net new assets, and client demographics
  • Compliance professionals are immediately notified of potential risk events and can further mitigate firm risk


“I’m constantly looking for technology that delivers meaningful benefits to our business,” said Billy Oliverio, SVP-Chief Marketing Officer of United Planners.  “AdvisorClarity’s ability to consolidate data into a single dashboard from various systems efficiently provides our executive team with mission critical information.  AdvisorClarity provides the optics on trends and patterns to help us make well-informed decisions in regard to our strategic planning process.”

“AdvisorClarity’s willingness to submit to our due diligence, including detailed cybersecurity requirements, demonstrated they are a good partner for us and our advisors,” said Bridget Gaughan, Chief Information Security Officer and Legal Counsel, United Planners. “We are also pleased they are taking the steps necessary to come ‘Under the Dome’ at cleverDome™.”

“AdvisorClarity creates a new, must-have category for successful advisory firms,” said Paul Osterberg, Managing Director of Strategy Basecamp. “The days of making decisions based solely on gut feeling are over. Today’s successful firms understand that properly analyzing the data they have in their systems is key to strategic leadership and staying ahead of regulatory requirements.”

“Most successful independent advisory firms license their mission-critical business software from at least 3 separate providers. Where integration exists, it typically centers around functional tasks,” said Nick Mancini, founder and CEO of AdvisorClarity. “AdvisorClarity is an advisory firm’s single source of truth, providing business leaders with visualized means to monitor their firm’s performance and lead their company, compliance professionals with the insight to significantly mitigate risk, and firm staff with a tool to spend less time on routine processing, regardless of the other systems used.”

AdvisorClarity is the first solution designed specifically for independent financial planners and investment advisors to visualize their firm’s efficacy, regardless of the underlying source or provider. Larger teams, in particular, will appreciate the insights they glean from AdvisorClarity’s business analytics.


“Between competitive pressures and ever-increasing compliance requirements, successful advisory firms are turning to us for help gaining the insights needed to understand their business more deeply,” Mancini continued.  “By visualizing details across different systems from different vendors, AdvisorClarity is the first provider bringing Big Data to independent financial advisors.”

While solutions from Microsoft PowerBI, Tableau, Sisense, DOMO and others provide enterprise-level business intelligence reporting, most financial advisory firms do not employ the dedicated IT staff and data analysts required to setup and operate these solutions. AdvisorClarity takes the hassle and guesswork out of the equation and connects the dots.

AdvisorClarity is designed to not only show a firm where they are, but how they got where they are along with predictions on where their business will head.


“Advisors need help to run their businesses not as a ‘practice’ but as a business,” said long-time financial professional and technology consultant Joel Bruckenstein, producer of the T3 Technology Hub and two related annual conferences. “Most are so busy working in the trenches with staff and clients that they rarely make time to assess the true health of their business. The most effective strategy is through proven metrics and methodologies which provide clarity on where they stand today, how far they’ve come, and what is needed to meet their most important growth and profitability goals. AdvisorClarity provides a practical way to embrace business intelligence to make data-driven decisions that will allow the firm to compete better, stay in front of compliance requirements, and operate more efficiently.”

The platform is now publicly available. For more information, visit, call 480-685-5272, or attend the Technology Tools for Today conference at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas October 30 – November 1, 2017 where AdvisorClarity will provide demos in their booth. At 9:30 am on November 1st, Mancini will deliver a short presentation at the T3 conference: Advisor Clarity Through Business Metrics: How unlocking the data in an advisory firm’s systems can transform your business and serve as a springboard to even greater success.


The idea for AdvisorClarity was born when founder, Nick Mancini, noticed advisory firms weren’t getting the information needed to run their businesses frequently enough and they were spending way too much time tracking internal metrics and auditing their data. After consulting with noted industry leaders and trusted advisors, AdvisorClarity made its debut with selected advisory firms in 2017. Business leaders must know their business to be successful. AdvisorClarity gives leaders the metrics needed to run their business professionally and the insights needed to lead with confidence. AdvisorClarity provides a toolkit so firms can do more. Their proactive Pulse alerts eliminate the need to manually look for issues retroactively so firms will ultimately spend less time unwinding their fallout and spend more time on higher value activities. Regulatory and compliance requirements aren’t getting any easier. AdvisorClarity provides deep insights across all of the financial advisory firm’s systems, and proactively notifies key stakeholders when something isn’t right so that compliance and firm leaders can stay in front of potential issues. By visualizing details across different systems from different vendors, AdvisorClarity is the first provider bringing Big Data to independent financial advisors. To learn more, visit

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