AdvisoryWorld Adds Monte Carlo Simulation and Fee Transparency to Advisor Proposal Generator

AdvisoryWorld, a leading software provider for financial advisors, announced that Advisor Proposal Generator, the Company’s interactive proposal tool, now features Monte Carlo simulation as comprehensive fee disclosure and analysis.

The new Monte Carlo Simulation feature allows users to determine an investor’s ability to meet their financial goals at the household level. The forward-looking simulated output is displayed in chart and table form and is derived from inputs such as historical or forecasted return and standard deviation of the portfolio; it displays the probability that an existing or proposed portfolio will achieve certain goals. In addition to this advanced analytic add-on, AdvisoryWorld has added the ability to associate an advisor and/or platform fee (flat, tiered, or breakpoint) to a proposal and Investment Policy Statement. Fee controls are configurable at the firm-level where they can be customized and mandated for any or all users, further satisfying compliance requirements.

“We are thrilled to launch this newest version of our Advisor Proposal Generator at IMPACT 2018,” said Michael Wilson, President and CEO of AdvisoryWorld. “We’re proud to say that these latest additions to our popular tool were the direct result of client demand and feedback. We listen to our users and finessed these updates to meet their requests and recommendations. Conferences like IMPACT provide an incredible forum for valuable conversation with leading advisors, and we are honored to announce the result of these partnerships directly at the source. We look forward to discussing and working together even more with our advisor users.”

Today, more than 20,000 financial professionals use AdvisoryWorld’s Advisor Proposal Generator, generating 250,000 proposals within in the last 12 months alone. The tool enables advisors to showcase their brands with FINRA-reviewed reporting options including investment policy statements, goals and risk-based proposals, hypothetical illustrations, and security fact sheets. The Advisor Proposal Generator assists with the establishment of a risk profile and investment objective for financial advisors’ current and prospective clients, aids in construction of model portfolios, builds customizable proposals and investment policy statements, and allows for straight-through-processing to new account creation.


AdvisoryWorld is a leading provider of investment analytics, portfolio modeling and proposal generation technology for the financial services industry. Their technology is delivered via off-the-shelf web applications, API, and Professional Services. Founded in 1987, AdvisoryWorld is headquartered in San Diego, CA, and currently services over 35,000 investment professionals nationwide. For more information, please visit

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