AdvisoryWorld Launches New Lead Generation Tool to Support Financial Advisor

AdvisoryWorld Launches New Lead Generation Tool to Support Financial Advisor

AdvisoryWorld, a leading software provider for financial advisors, today announced the launch of AdvisoryWorld Acquire, a new lead generation tool that turns financial advisor website visitors into educated, prospective leads. Michael Wilson, President and COO of AdvisoryWorld, will demonstrate Acquire at the T3 Advisor Conference and will further discuss lead generation in his T3 session, “Prospecting for new business in a highly regulated environment,” on February 16, 2017, at 5:10 pm PST.

AdvisoryWorld Acquire is a white-labeled application accessed via an advisor’s website. The prospective investor is guided through a fully customizable goal and risk profile questionnaire that then points to a recommended model asset allocation, providing the prospect and advisor with a solid foundation for their new relationship.  When bundled with AdvisoryWorld’s Advisor Proposal Generator, Acquire acts as the investor’s front-end, from prospecting to new account opening via a digital process. Additionally, AdvisoryWorld’s integrations with industry leading CRM, portfolio management and financial planning platforms creates a seamless workflow to support advisors’ practices from prospect to new client and beyond.


“We are thrilled to unveil Acquire at this year’s T3 Advisor Conference,” said AdvisoryWorld’s Wilson. “In 2015, we launched our Advisor Proposal Generator to fulfill advisors’ continued and growing demand for white labeled, client facing workflows and dynamic outputs such as Investment Policy Statements, proposals, and fact sheets. Since its launch, our Advisor Proposal Generator has been successfully implemented by thousands of advisory practices nationwide. We’ve seen the same demand not only continue but also evolve to include enhanced investor interaction. Now, clients and prospects are demanding digital interaction with their advisors. We created Acquire to provide investors with a ‘freemium’ of interactive financial analysis which, in turn, automatically converts such investors into qualified leads for advisors.”

Acquire joins AdvisoryWorld’s established technology suite that includes the Advisor Proposal Generator, SCANalytics, and Batch Risk Analysis tools, extending AdvisoryWorld’s technological reach to cover the entire prospect to client life cycle. In addition to providing advisors with white labeled client experiences, reports and proposals, AdvisoryWorld technology enables RIAs and other investment professionals to optimize portfolios using the efficient frontier as well as analyze risk metrics and manage risk by using several Modern Portfolio Theory statistics such as Alpha, Beta, R2, Sharpe Ratio and Correlation.


AdvisoryWorld is a leading provider of investment analytics, portfolio modeling and proposal generation technology for the financial services industry. Their technology is delivered via off-the-shelf web applications, API, and Professional Services. Founded in 1987, AdvisoryWorld is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, and currently services over 30,000 investment professionals nationwide. For more information, please visit

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