Advizr Continues to Modernize the Financial Advisory Industry with State of the Art Client-Centric Online Planning Platform

Advizr Continues to Modernize the Financial Advisory Industry with State of the Art Client-Centric Online Planning Platform

Announces Five New Additions to Advizr Financial Planning Platform Including the Interactive Smart Model that Accelerates Advice Delivery and Scalability

Advizr, FPPad’s 2015 Best Client Facing Technology winner and recent WM 2016 Industry Awards two-time nominee, today announced new enhancements to its financial planning platform to help advisors generate high-quality plans while granting their clients the access they desire. The Advizr platform now hosts five new additions that benefit both advisory practice management and the client experience. Most notable, Advizr has created an Interactive Smart Model that automatically consolidates and analyzes every client data point into a dynamic scenario planning module. Every single variable in the plan can be manipulated while receiving instantaneous in-screen feedback. Advizr Interactive Smart Model is the only platform that boasts the capacity to optimize multiple asynchronous goals instantaneously.

Since its inception, Advizr financial planning software has been designed with the end user’s engagement squarely in focus, and as such, Advizr is the only financial planning software provider to offer a lead generation tool, Advizr Express. Advizr further separates itself from its competition by allowing advisors to create holistic plans, by using its predeterministic algorithms to apply either a full cash flows based or a goals based methodology.

“As a former financial advisor, I habitually think of the client first and we designed Advizr with that same mindset,” said Hussain Zaidi, CEO of Advizr. “Within our first 16 months in the marketplace, we have on-boarded over 700 RIAs and have felt the demand first-hand for this type of client-centric financial planning software. Our new additions are the product of both feedback from our advisor clients and our drive to innovate. We are thrilled to present our hard work to the public and to continue innovating for the benefit of the industry I call home.”

Advizr is continuously innovating and posts new upgrades on a bi-weekly bases. Notable new additions to the Advizr financial planning platform include:

  • The Advizr Interactive Smart Model– Once the client completes the data discovery, Advizr’s algorithms and optimizations go to work to present the advisor with an instantaneous first cut financial plan. Any and all calibrations can be done, if need be, live within the smart model.
  • The Advizr Document Vault– document storage that both the advisor and client can access; clients can now upload their wills, estate planning documents, financial statement, etc., through the Advizr Client Portal allowing them to house their financial plan and documents in one accessible and secure location.
  • The Advizr Debt Optimizer – a feature that allows clients and advisors to enter their student, installment, or auto loans, and choose either interest rates or balance amount as the priority in regards to repayment; this collected debt data is then incorporated into the clients’ full financial plan.
  • The Advizr Client Dashboard –a new, client-facing dashboard with a summary of the client’s goal progress, a 100% live net worth and cash flow statement, advisor-edited action steps needed to reach their goals and the ability to check off action steps when completed.
  • The Advizr Presenter – a new, presentation mode that creates a separate, white labeled window of a client’s financial plan making it possible for advisors to present a self-branded plan without fear of showing the irrelevant client data.

Brittney Castro, a financial advisor at XY Planning Network and Advizr client, added, “I chose to incorporate Advizr’s financial planning software into my practice not only because I knew that the user interface would appeal to my tech-savvy clients but also because I needed the high-quality financial plans that incorporated both my clients’ goals and cash flow. These new enhancements have made the planning software even more powerful and client-friendly.”

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Advizr, based in New York, NY, is dedicated to creating software that will expand consumer and advisor access to high-quality financial planning services in an accessible format. The powerful, automated, interactive financial planning solution empowers advisors to serve their clients in a cost-effective way, regardless of net worth. To learn more about Advizr, please visit


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