Artiffex and Ndex Systems will integrate with Intuit’s QuickBooks Online

Artiffex, a universal data conversion service and financial data integration platform powered by Ndex Systems, has announced a partnership with QuickBooks Online. The integration means that all financial information can be seamlessly exported into QuickBooks as summarized journal entries. The ability to easily process information in real time allows financial planners and accountants to leverage this technology platform as part of a dashboard that presents “triggers” designed to augment real-time decision making around the allocation of unused capital, the re-allocation and recording of incurred income and gains on dispositions, and other year-end taxable events.

A company statement says: “Changed forever is the way tax preparation and reporting leverages investment related activities. Financial advisers utilizing the Ndex system will now be uniquely positioned to offer highly valuable investment and tax management services plus facilitate a significantly expedited tax preparation process.”

“Artiffex allows users to import, digitize, and organize information found within periodic investment, banking, and insurance policy statements regardless of their institutional source or format (paper or electronic). Artiffex reduces data-entry time and margins of error associated with the manual preparation of information required to produce income tax returns by up to 90%. Work that used to take days and hours now take minutes.”


Launched in 2015, Artiffex markets a digital transformation service for the accounting industry. Artiffex is powered by and licenses its technology from Ndex Systems, Inc. Ndex was founded in 1999 and builds, distributes and supports financial technology to the industry worldwide. The Ndex platform supports over $120 billion dollars in managed assets, is utilized by over 350 investment firms in North America and extracts information from over 800 supported financial institutions globally. The Artiffex application is hosted at the Ndex facilities, and has SSL-Labs security rating of “A”. Learn more at

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