Asset-Map® and Redtail Integrate to Enhance Advisor/Client Conversations

Asset-Map® and Redtail Integrate to Enhance Advisor/Client Conversations

Asset-Map®, the technology platform that is changing the nature of financial advisors’ conversations with clients, announced today at T3 Advisor Conference its integration with Redtail Technology, a leading provider of Client Relationship Management (CRM) and paperless office solutions. Subscribers of both the Asset-Map platform and Redtail CRM will be able to send information directly from Redtail to Asset-Map to quickly create Asset-Map reports for clients and prospects. Advisors can then use the reports, which display all the relevant facts that are part of a household’s financial decisions, as a focus for the client profiling and engagement process.

“From many years of working with clients and advisors, we know how important it is to clients and prospects to be heard and understood by the advisor,” said Asset-Map CEO and founder Adam Holt. “Clients are focused on their particular situation and when an advisor uses the Asset-Map tool to quickly present the situation visually to a client, it changes the conversation from analysis to advocacy, from judgment to perspective, from paralysis to action.”


The integration was announced at the T3 Advisor Conference at the Hyatt Regency Orange County, which is being held Feb. 15 – 17. Both Redtail and Asset-Map are sponsors of the conference and will be presenting brief overviews of their respective solutions – Redtail’s Seth Slaughter on Thursday, Feb. 16 at 5pm and Asset-Map VP Steve Ambuul on Friday, Feb. 17 at 9:50am. Attendees can also visit their booths in the Exhibit Hall – Redtail at #206 and Asset-Map at #4.

“For most advisors, certainly for our users, CRM is the technology hub of their practice,” said Redtail CEO Brian McLaughlin. “The ability to draw clients’ details directly into a visual financial story results in a more immediate personal connection, especially with millennial and Gen X clients. It creates an opportunity for advisors to deepen client relationships, leading to better client service and greater value for both client and advisor.”


Founded in 2008 by successful financial advisors, Asset-Map delivers practice management solutions transforming the advisor-client relationship by visually facilitating meaningful financial conversations. The Asset-Map Platform is cloud-based, professionally branded and delivered through the most common meeting formats, using paper, computers, tablets or through virtual meetings. Advisors choose to use Asset-Map because it provides the next-generation of a continuous discovery process for opportunities to suitably serve their clients. In 2016, Advisors, broker-dealers, RIAs, agents and agencies have mapped over $400 billion (as of 2/15/17) in financial instruments and touched over 100,000 households. To learn more, visit


Redtail Technology is a leading provider of web-based Client Relationship Management (CRM), paperless office, and email archiving solutions in the financial services industry. Easily affordable, easy to implement and offering integration with many of the industry’s most widely used applications, Redtail is committed to providing financial advisors with the core technologies that drive their day-to-day operations. CRM is ultimately about not only acquiring and managing advisor’s clients and prospects — it’s also about servicing them and, in turn, extracting value from the relationships. At the same time, it’s about doing all of these things while simultaneously improving operational efficiency. Visit for more information.

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