BillFin® Solution from Redi2 Increases Adoption, Streamlines Billing Process

BillFin® Solution from Redi2 Increases Adoption, Streamlines Billing Process

Since its introduction in 2015, Redi2 Technologies’ BillFin® solution has been adopted by more than 100 financial advisors to help them streamline their client billing process. Expanded integrations and enhanced features are the reasons cited for attracting new users

 “Advisors are continually seeking ways to scale operationally while maintaining the highest possible fiduciary standards and personalized care,” said Redi2 President and COO Fermin Garcia. “BillFin enables them to move beyond the time-consuming, error-prone manual spreadsheets and benefit from the efficiencies and economies of a sophisticated automated billing solution.”


BillFin is the first cloud-based billing software solution designed specifically for financial advisors that integrates seamlessly with other products such as CRMs, portfolio management systems, custodians, and data aggregators. In addition to enabling advisory firms to do family/household billing and offer flexible billing schedules, Redi2 has recently introduced Average Daily Billing (ADB) functionality into its BillFin solution. Unlike the more common and traditional methodology of using either monthly or quarterly values, ADB enables BillFin users to store and access daily market values and use them to calculate an average market value. The average value, instead of a single monthly or quarterly value, is used to calculate fees. In addition to ADB, BillFin now also offers Off-Cycle Billing (OCB) flexibility. This feature allows advisors to spread their billing over as many as 12 months, while still billing their clients a quarterly fee. “Both ADB and OCB enables advisors to smooth out their revenue flow by time-weighting cash flows and billing more frequently than four times a year,” said Mr. Garcia.

“The integration of BillFin into our practice has saved us countless hours in calculating our client management fees,” said Seth Stewart, managing partner of Brookstone Financial in Jeffersonville, IN. “Furthermore, the ability to exclude assets from billing and provide manageable discount schedules has provided the flexibility we need to compete with many of the larger firms.”

The BillFin solution has been steadily gaining traction since its introduction, serving independent RIAs, dually registered advisors, and the custodians and broker/dealers that support them. Redi2 recently completed an integration with a large custodian, which will enable advisors who use the custodian to further accelerate and improve the accuracy of their billing process.

Schwab Advisors can learn more about BillFin by visiting the Redi2 booth at Schwab IMPACT 2016, Oct. 24-27, in San Diego.


Headquartered in Boston, Redi2 Technologies offers a comprehensive, SaaS revenue management platform to the global financial services industry, serving investment management firms with aggregated assets under management of more than $5.5 trillion. Since its 2002 founding, Redi2 has leveraged technology to automate client reporting, fee billing and invoicing for wealth and investment managers. Redi2 is a Software as a Service (SaaS) pioneer and a market leader in vendor-hosted fee billing for firms of all sizes. For more information, visit


BillFin is Redi2’s simple and flexible billing system for independent financial advisors, RIAs, and broker/dealers. Designed for easy import of data from any CRM, custodian, or portfolio management system, BillFin’s features include flexible billing rules, automated tiered or flat pricing at client and account levels, fee schedule templates and customizable invoices. Follow @Redi2BillFin on Twitter for breaking news and announcements. For more information, visit

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