Covr and PIEtech℠ Streamline Implementation of Insurance Advice in MoneyGuidePro®

Covr and PIEtech℠ Streamline Implementation of Insurance Advice in MoneyGuidePro®

While at the T3 Enterprise Conference in Las Vegas last week, Covr Financial Technologies and PIEtech℠, Inc. announced a partnership that brings together the power of MoneyGuidePro®, a leading financial planning software, with Covr’s digital personal insurance platform that provides a simple and fast way to research and buy personal insurance. The combination of these technology tools allows clients’ risks to be addressed through insurance solutions in a quality financial plan.

“Addressing the risks that can derail an investor’s plan for retirement is a critical area to success for all investors,” said Kevin Knull, CFP®, President of PIEtech℠. “According to research completed with 1,653 advisors, the analysis of risks such as disability risk, longevity risk, life insurance and long-term care needs should be evaluated as part of a quality financial plan. However, our experience shows that only a small percentage of advisors actually include plans to address these risks. While these types of insurance products are not subject to the DOL’s Conflict of Interest rules, failure to address such exposures may have a significant impact on how a person or couple should be invested. By identifying the need in a financial plan and then making it easy to implement and underwrite these types of products, we expect that the Covr implementation module will dramatically increase the amount of clients that are able to be helped by advisors.”

Bill Benjamin, CEO of the privately-owned Boise-based Covr said, “By working together with PIEtech℠, I believe that we will completely transform the way advisors and institutions think about insurance, and in the process will help more Americans prepare for the unexpected. I am confident that this innovation will streamline the insurance process.”


The integration will take the relevant data from the financial plan in MoneyGuidePro® and will pre-populate Covr’s analysis engine to help identify which type or combination of insurance solutions might be best to solve for the insurance needs. Once advisors have identified the most appropriate solution(s), they can then implement the solutions and, depending on the size of the case, may be able to instantly issue an insurance policy. The system is set up for open architecture, meaning each broker/dealer or financial advisory firm can select the insurance carriers and types of products that they would like to be reflected in the tool.

The Covr and PIEtech℠ integration, which will be completed in the fourth quarter, will help advisors and their clients:

  • Identify and solve for risks that can impact the client’s ability to achieve their goals
  • Increase the client’s awareness of risks and specific actions to address them with tailored solutions that include life, disability and long term care insurance
  • Provide clients with an easy way to track the progress and status of their insurance

Covr has already implemented its solution with more than fifty financial institutions where it is focused on making the entire insurance process easier for the institution, advisor and consumer.


PIEtech℠, Inc.’s vision is that everyone needs and deserves a quality financial plan. PIEtech℠ is the creator of MoneyGuidePro®, an industry-leading financial planning software, myMoneyGuide®, an online guided planning solution that allows firms to broadly offer financial planning, and Best Interest Scout℠, a standalone, scalable discovery solution to help firms of all types obtain necessary client information. For more information on PIEtech℠, please visit


Covr is a technology-driven platform that provides a simple and fast way for people to select insurance policies. Through partnerships with financial institutions and their financial advisors, Covr’s digital platform offers a user-friendly way to research, compare, shop for and buy personal insurance from nearly twenty top providers, fully online and within minutes. For more information, see

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