eMoney Advisor Launches New Automated Onboarding Workflow

eMoney Advisor Launches New Automated Onboarding Workflow

eMoney Advisor recently announced the launch of its new Onboarding workflow, which aligns with the company’s integrated technology vision aimed at providing a more automated and interactive experience for advisors and their clients. Made available to all eMoney customers in November, Onboarding walks end-clients through a dynamic, automated fact-finding process that not only brings their financial situation to life but helps advisors gather the information they need to execute financial planning that aligns with clients’ best interests, while complying with the forthcoming Department of Labor (DOL) Fiduciary Rule.

The Onboarding workflow is part of eMoney’s integrated technology vision and supports the recently launched Fiduciary Framework Initiative. The automated fact-finding process gathers information that supports clients’ best interests and enables advisors to execute comprehensive financial plans.


“Data gathering is an integral part of the planning process and is absolutely critical for advisors serving as fiduciaries and working in their clients’ best interests,” said Matthew Schulte, SVP, Financial Planning, eMoney Advisor. “As part of our Fiduciary Framework initiative, our new Onboarding workflow empowers advisors to demonstrate their fiduciary capacity while enabling their clients to easily share key financial information such as long-term goals. Transparency, understanding and a stronger advisor-client relationship are the by-products of Onboarding, which ultimately allow the advisor to better position their clients for success.”

Prior to the automated fact-finding process, advisors can initiate a self-registration email that kicks off the Onboarding workflow, which allows end-clients the ability to add their most basic financial information or be led step-by-step through an advanced, more intuitive Organizer to create a fully populated and robust personal financial portal. Both end-clients and their advisors have full access to the portal at all times.

Taking both a quantitative and qualitative approach, end-clients are encouraged to elaborate on such topics as:

  • What keeps them up at night
  • Their goals for retirement
  • Any expenses they may have
  • Other financial professionals they work with, such as CPAs

Other features of Onboarding include:

  • Bar to track progress and encourage clients to complete the questionnaire
  • Alerts that inform advisors once their clients complete the Onboarding process
  • The ability to easily import financial information from various sources
  • Customizable messaging at Enterprise level


End clients can be onboarded in under ten minutes using eMoney’s new automated process. Additionally, advisors can tailor the experience to each client and their spouse thanks to new customized financial priorities capabilities. Alongside eMoney’s existing set of pre-built financial priorities, custom financial priorities allow clients and their spouses to create, edit and arrange a list of financial priorities that reflect what’s most important to them. Priorities can be customized within the Onboarding workflow or directly in their client portals.

Onboarding is another example of eMoney’s commitment to transforming how modern advisors deliver wealth management experiences. Last month, eMoney announced a new Digital Advice Solution co-developed with Fidelity. Additional products are scheduled to launch in 2017, including a new compliance tool that will automatically store the data collected during Onboarding. As part of eMoney’s Fiduciary Framework, the compliance tool would then sort the information gathered into an interactive checklist, ensuring that advisors have the information they need to satisfy their firm’s individual requirements.

To learn more about eMoney’s DOL compliance strategy, please visit http://info.emoneyadvisor.com/dol-technology-solution.

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