Emotomy Integrates with TD Ameritrade’s Veo® Platform

Emotomy Integrates with TD Ameritrade’s Veo® Platform

Emotomy is now fully integrated with Veo so RIAs who custody with TD Ameritrade Institutional can enjoy a seamless experience through a single interface.

Within Emotomy, advisors can access critical Veo client data such as account information, balances, positions and performance.

Advisors can also leverage Veo client data to:

  • Create and save portfolios and models on iRebal
  • Open brokerage accounts on the fly with DocuSign
  • Execute rebalancing trades seamlessly with iRebal through the Emotomy platform
  • Prepare and send performance updates, newsletters, and presentations to clients
  • Calculate fees and prepare invoices


Emotomy is a plug-and-play online wealth management platform that enables independent RIAs to manage, market, and report on their strategies while achieving operational efficiencies. Emotomy offers portfolio construction, trading, sales, marketing and client service tools in addition to paperless onboarding, account opening, and reporting, billing and compliance tools. The system is customizable with a white-label interface to improve online presence. It is compatible with all asset classes and custodian-agnostic. The one-stop RIA solution is designed to optimize business processes and costs. Emotomy is a registered trademark of Belvedere Advisors, a registered investment adviser. Learn more at www.emotomy.com.

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