FinMason Opens Operations in Prague, Announces International Expansion

FinMason Opens Operations in Prague, Announces International Expansion

FinMason, a Boston-based FinTech and investment analytics firm, has announced the international expansion of the firm and the opening of a new operations center based in Prague. The initial expansion plan includes the hiring of 20 software engineers to keep pace with the rapid growth and development needs of the company.

FinMason Europe, s.r.o., opened August 1st and the first employees have already started. The expansion will give FinMason access to world-class engineers and data validation teams. They will now have a footprint in the important European marketplace. Unlike some other U.S.-based companies that outsource their software engineering needs to subcontractors in foreign countries, the FinMason Europe team will be full-time, dedicated employees, complete with equity incentives and a competitive benefits package.


“Unless you are a company like Google, Tesla, or Apple, it has become increasingly difficult to attract top engineering talent in this country,” said Kendrick Wakeman, CFA, CEO and founder of FinMason. “We are excited to be able to tap into the extensive technical talent pool in Europe to help ensure that FinMason has the largest, most robust, and most scalable investment analytics engine in the world.”

In April, the firm announced the launch of FinRiver, a simple but powerful API that gives any technology platform access to their institutional-grade analytics in an easy-to-consume format. WealthTech firms can integrate almost any investment analytics imaginable into their products with just a few keystrokes, allowing for rapid prototyping, a faster time-to-market, and a more robust offering.

Wakeman believes that FinMason Europe will be a strong competitive advantage. “We hear from our clients and prospects that they are all very short on engineering resources and we don’t see that changing anytime soon. FinMason Europe will allow us to take on some of the tech lift and help free up those resources for our key clients. It will also allow us to put a data validation team in Europe so we have a 6-hour head start at catching errors before they get put into production.”


FinMason is a Boston-based financial technology firm on a mission to solve the retirement crisis by helping investors and advisors make better decisions. Analytics are the key to good decisions, so FinMason is making robust, institutional-grade investment analytics a commodity accessible to everyone. FinMason’s team of PhDs, economists, data scientists, engineers, and seasoned Wall Street veterans have harnessed the power of the latest technology platforms to deliver affordable, institutional-grade analytics at scale. They perform 700+ different analyses on virtually every publicly traded asset in the world and make the results available in milliseconds via three core products:

  • FinRiver™, an easy to use suite of APIs that gives direct access to their analytics for use in a financial service firm’s own products
  • FinScope™, a compliance screening and performance attribution solution that generates analytics on all the portfolios in a financial firm’s system on a nightly basis
  • FinScore Pro™, a quick, easy and visual risk tolerance assessment and alignment platform that helps advisors and clients better understand each other

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