InvestmentPOD for Advisors Announces Launch, Provides Sophisticated Investing Strategies and Lower Costs for RIAs

InvestmentPOD for Advisors Announces Launch, Provides Sophisticated Investing Strategies and Lower Costs for RIAs

InvestmentPOD for Advisors, a digital advice platform that offers multi-strategies, announced today the official launch of its white-labeled automated investing platform for Registered Investment Advisors.

InvestmentPOD provides a way for advisors to offer their clients sophisticated investing strategies, customizable portfolios, and enhanced trading and rebalancing capabilities. Unlike traditional “robo” investing platforms that provide only passive options, InvestmentPOD’s sophisticated investing algorithms provide multi-strategy and asset diversification, with lower trading costs.

“History has proven that passive, buy and hold investing strategies have resulted in significant losses over market cycles,” said Jacqueline Ko Matthews, a former Goldman Sachs investment banker, wealth manager and now the CEO and co-founder of InvestmentPOD. “In order to solve for this eventuality, academic research shows that by combining opportunistic and defensive strategies to complement a passive portfolio generates equal or higher returns with less risk. As a result, we see a tremendous opportunity to leverage today’s robo technology to enable advisors to build and automate portfolios that are diversified across both assets and strategies, and is why we are extremely excited to launch InvestmentPOD today.”


According to an InvestmentPOD statement issued to the press, this type of sophisticated approach was previously only available through a portfolio of hedge funds; however, hedge funds have shown to be an expensive and inefficient way to achieve these investing goals. Now, through the vast liquidity and global availability of ETFs, combined with InvestmentPOD’s algorithms, advisors can enjoy the benefits of diversification, automation and lower costs.

By combining best-in-breed trading and rebalancing, RIA firms can benefit from the power of automation to free up staff and advisors from time-consuming, manual processes. Through streamlined client onboarding and integrations with leading custodians such as TD Ameritrade and Schwab, advisors can get their clients started quickly with customizable portfolios that can shift investments opportunistically into potentially better performing assets, as well as to provide downside risk protection.

Industry experts typically agree that in today’s more complex and competitive operating environment, RIAs need to further differentiate their investing services from the commoditization that is being driven by the wide-scale availability of robo platforms in order to justify and maintain their 1% AUM fees.

“Now more than ever, advisors need to take advantage of technology to reinvent their businesses to benefit from automation, free up valuable resources for client management, while offering a superior investment management service,” said Matthews. “With InvestmentPOD, firms now have a go-to solution that combines all of these benefits into one platform that will continue to drive the success of the RIA industry.”


InvestmentPOD was founded by Wall Street professionals who identified the need for advisors to be able to deliver both traditional and alternative strategies via advanced technologies. The company is staffed by PhDs, CFPs, researchers, developers and engineers. InvestmentPOD is designed to be a comprehensive, white-labeled platform advisors can leverage to provide sophisticated investing strategies to their clients, while benefitting from the power of automation and operational efficiencies. InvestmentPOD, which is backed by the SixThirty FinTech accelerator, UMB Bank and Prosper, has won multiple industry awards. Its CEO and co-founder, Jacqueline Ko Matthews, was recently recognized by BBVA as one of the “12 Women Leading the Way in the FinTech World.” To learn more, visit

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