New Business Reinvention Report for Advisors, New BOSS Client Portal Available Now

New Business Reinvention Report for Advisors, New BOSS Client Portal Available Now

Back Office Support Service (BOSS), a technology-outsourcing platform, recently announced the availability of a new industry report that details the changes advisors need to make to succeed in a more complex wealth management-operating environment. BOSS also announced the launch of a new client portal, designed to enhance the client experience advisors will be able to deliver.

Mega trends in wealth management today, such as the entrance of new, online digital competitors and dramatic changes in regulatory mandates are requiring that advisors re-think their operational strategies.

“Advisors today are faced with a much faster moving, more complex and competitive environment than ever before,” said Mike Kelly, CEO of BOSS. “As a result, they will need to better adopt the latest technologies to gain the needed operational efficiencies and client service capabilities to continue to manage a sustainable business.”


The research BOSS conducted in the report, “Reinvent Your Business – Success in the New Wealth Management Era,” confirmed that advisors have been historically slow to deploy the latest technologies and as a result, are behind the curve in being able to continue to operate profitable businesses, while meeting new, more demanding client service expectations.

In order to address this issue, BOSS is introducing a new, comprehensive client portal that provides:

  • A rich, visual, dynamic online interface that displays portfolio, performance and account information
  • An online platform optimized for all mobile devices
  • An interactive document vault for document sharing
  • Account aggregation
  • Integrations with CRM systems

According to the report, advisors need to provide digital access to their clients as, “64% of affluent individuals, including high net worth investors, expect their future wealth management relationship to be digital…and 65% of that same group said that they will leave their wealth management firm if an integrated online experience is not provided.”

Additionally, the report sited that “Advisors need operational efficiencies, now more than ever, to be able to continue to grow and manage their businesses in this more complex environment, particularly as the industry is being faced with fee compression from robo advisors…As a result of these changes, independent advisors are now looking for new ways of running their businesses to adopt more of an ‘outsourcing methodology’ to be able to quickly upgrade their technology, improve client service and re-capture needed efficiencies.”


“Business reinvention can be a powerful way for advisors to take their firms to the next level and respond to these big changes happening around them,” said Kelly. “Our work with over 100 RIAs as their outsourced back office gives us that first hand experience to see it happen in real time and we look forward to continuing to invest in the latest tools, such as our new client portal and this industry research, to become that indispensible partner advisors need to continue to grow, compete and succeed.”

To access this latest research from BOSS and to learn more about the new client portal, log onto


Headquartered in Southern California, BOSS has a twenty-year history of providing back office solutions for independent advisors. Founded by a former financial advisor, BOSS works with over 100 independent firms, representing over $15 billion in assets. As a result of this unique experience, BOSS is a specialized expert in supporting independent firms’ outsourcing needs by providing a high touch service experience through dedicated account managers. To learn more, visit

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