Oranj Incorporates Laser App Software to Improve Advisor Productivity

Oranj Incorporates Laser App Software to Improve Advisor Productivity

Laser App Software, the premier provider of forms automation and management software for the securities and insurance industries, has announced that Oranj, a leading innovator in advisor practice management software, has fully incorporated Laser App Anywhere into its platform to improve advisor productivity.

Oranj is designed to provide advisors with the digital advice technology they need to create a customized and interactive wealth management experience for clients and prospects. The Oranj dashboard helps advisors monitor client accounts, produce a holistic real-time picture of each client’s wealth, track client goal progress, and proactively service and communicate with clients as the need arises. The dashboard also enables advisors to engage more effectively with prospects, providing them with the same customized experience that clients receive. Advisors that rely on the Oranj platform can now easily access all client forms and form information from a single location using Laser App Anywhere.

“Laser App Software is a leader within the industry and has become a critical component of advisors’ everyday business,” said David Lyon, Founder and CEO of Oranj. “The main objective of Oranj is to help the advisor break through common barriers so they can fully connect with clients and prospects, and all the technology we incorporate into our platform, including Laser App Anywhere, is in keeping with this goal.”

Integrating Laser App Anywhere allows Oranj to strengthen its platform’s ability to adapt in an evolving business landscape. As client needs change, advisor strategy will also change, and Oranj enables advisors to react quickly to current client needs in an automated fashion in order to free up time for them to acquire new business. Efficient digital access to, and archiving of, client forms using Laser App Anywhere will be vital in this regard.

In addition, finding and on-boarding new clients is a time-consuming process, and Laser App Anywhere’s functionalities will help advisors using Oranj to better balance the maintenance of current relationships and the creation of new ones.

“Working with Oranj gave us the opportunity to work with a leading retail provider in the industry,” said Robert Powell, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Laser App Software. “Oranj’s solution helps decrease time spent on client management and increases client satisfaction—benefits which ultimately contribute to the growth of their business.”

Laser App Software is used throughout the financial community as an efficient and simple work method solution. Laser App Anywhere operates with modern browsers on a variety of devices, offering a new level of convenience to the mobile financial advisor. Oranj chose to incorporate Laser App Software into its platform in order to improve advisor productivity and business development.

About Oranj
Oranj’s digital advice tools empower financial advisors to provide a more enjoyable, customized and collaborative wealth management experience for investors. Advisors can utilize Oranj to align their processes with the behaviors and preferences of modern on-the-go clients—positioning them to proactively service every client as the need arises, without e-mailing back and forth or making multiple phone calls. Investors can also log in at any time, and from any location, to obtain account updates, gauge progress toward their goals, view an all-encompassing picture of their wealth, and communicate with advisors.

Advisors using the Oranj application have been able to nearly cut the number of hours they spend on client management in half, while almost doubling prospect meetings and prospect-to-client conversions. For more information, please visit www.runoranj.com or follow @runoranj (https://twitter.com/runoranj).

About Laser App Software
Laser App Software creates advisor friendly solutions that combine state‐of‐the‐art forms-filling technology with a massive library of industry related forms. Forms are maintained by Laser App so representatives can focus on their clients, rather than filling out paperwork. Founded in 1995 by financial advisor Ed Beggs, Laser App has pioneered forms-filling in the financial services industry. For more information on Laser App, visithttp://www.laserapp.com.

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