Orion Leverages Financial Planning Acquisition to Drive Advisor Growth and Elevate the Client Experience

Orion Leverages Financial Planning Acquisition to Drive Advisor Growth and Elevate the Client Experience

Orion Advisor Tech (“Orion”), a division of Orion Advisor Solutions and a premier provider of financial advisor technology and enhanced investment solutions, announced significant progress toward its goal of breaking down the barrier to financial planning, with more than 500 new firms adopting the platform since the acquisition of Advizr, Inc. just six months ago.

The news, which signals growing interest in the innovative financial planning and client experience technology available at no additional cost only through the Orion suite, is good for advisors and investors alike.

According to Orion’s most recent data, 7,000+ plans have been created for the 17,000 new investors given access to the platform since July, numbers that the firm is excited about and actively working to increase. In addition, advisors have uncovered millions of dollars of opportunity in unmanaged assets and insurance needs, turning the platform into a powerful aggregator of business insights.

“In the months since Advizr joined us, we’ve made their technology a part of our core offering,” said Eric Clarke, CEO of Orion. According to Clarke, the goal of the acquisition was never to add a stand-alone financial planning solution under Orion’s umbrella.

“Financial planning and client engagement tools have proven to be two of the most consistent drivers of advisor value,” he added. “Our goal is to remove every obstacle between our advisors, their clients and these pivotal solutions.”

To that end, Orion has wasted no time aligning the client engagement and financial planning tools of Advizr with its own end-to-end portfolio management technology, creating a seamless and barrier-free experience for advisors to begin each relationship with a financial plan.

A one-stop financial dashboard

For financial planners, creating a holistic view of clients’ financial goals and investment performance details has often required transitioning between two portals — really, two separate technologies. Orion’s enhancements to its financial planning solution eliminate that tedium, offering unparalleled connectivity between two traditionally disparate tools.

This connectivity enables a fiduciary process beginning with client goals, established using simple workflows that investors can complete on their own or alongside their advisor. Next, advisors can fill in the gaps with information like income sources, expenses, and insurance to evaluate whether clients have enough resources to fund their goals. Then, through the elegant integration of balance sheets and a risk tolerance assessment, along with Monte Carlo simulations and What If scenarios, advisors can establish a future probability of success. If client assets and projected resources drift out of alignment with what’s necessary to meet their goals, the platform generates action items and next steps for both clients and advisors.

The powerful engine uses these details to return a dashboard that connects investment performance data from Orion with financial planning data, all within the intuitive Advizr portal.

Freed from the need to piece together data from multiple platforms, advisors can quickly and efficiently view their clients’ complete financial landscape. The Advizr portal now offers at-a-glance details on a client’s current market value, year-to-date returns and unrealized gains/losses, allocations, transaction summary, and portfolio value contrasted with net amount invested.

“To drive adoption of financial planning amongst advisors and clients, it is critical that the planning process be tightly integrated with the overall client experience,” said Hussain Zaidi, Orion’s President of Financial Planning Solutions. “The enhancements we’ve made to Advizr and the Orion platform not only help our users make financial planning an indispensable part of their offering, but also give advisors the tools to be more responsive and engaged with their clients.”

Easy access to critical information

A central repository for critical documentation is pivotal to answering key questions as advisors create, refine, and manage financial plans. In alignment with this year’s TD Ameritrade National LINC conference, advisors can now view tax documents and custodial statements directly from the document vault within the Advizr portal, keeping their clients up-to-date and on the same page as they work together to build toward financial goals.

Increased advisor alpha through data security

With data and security breaches continuing to pose a threat to investors, Orion saw an opportunity to help advisors offer peace of mind to their clients by partnering with Experian™. Available through the Advizr Client Portal, the integration offers a number of monitoring services, including dark web, non-credit loan, financial account, and change of address, as well as social security number tracing and timely alerts for potential identity or data breaches.

Full-service marketing automation for advisors

In the coming months, Orion will launch its new advisor marketing campaign initiative. The turnkey marketing campaign platform is designed to empower advisors with prebuilt marketing campaigns and automated technology that helps promote their planning expertise to both existing clients and new prospects. The campaign calls-to-action will tie directly into the goal modules within Advizr and become a catalyst for increased planning engagement.

Currently in its pilot phase, the platform will be offered to advisors interested in scaling their marketing efforts, exploring new channels, accessing content written by experts, and streamlining their approach to growth. It will act as a virtual CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) for participating firms.

“Our dedication to helping our firms grow doesn’t begin and end with portfolio management technology,” said Kelly Waltrich, Orion’s Chief Marketing Officer. “We saw that many firms were lacking the time, resources, and experience to market their financial planning expertise, so we built a solution to fill that need. With this tool, we expect to see planning engagement continue to rise at an unprecedented pace.”


Orion Advisor Technology, LLC, exists to help fiduciary-minded advisors realize their unique vision for success. Our innovative technology includes client experience tools, tax-intelligent rebalancing, efficient billing, integrated planning, and automated compliance monitoring, all aimed at empowering advisors to improve their firm’s productivity, strengthen client relationships, and disrupt traditional ways of thinking. With more than $1 trillion in AUA and 3.3 million accounts on our platform, we have the experience and expertise necessary to help advisors grow and win more than their fair share. Orion Advisor Technology, LLC and Advizr, Inc. are affiliated companies through their parent company Orion Advisor Solutions, LLC. For more information, visit www.orion.com.

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