PIEtech℠ and Riskalyze to Complete Deep Integration, help advisors comply with DOL and Better Serve Clients

PIEtech℠ and Riskalyze to Complete Deep Integration, help advisors comply with DOL and Better Serve Clients

PIEtech℠, Inc., creator of financial planning software MoneyGuidePro®, announced recently that it is building a multi-faceted, deep integration with Riskalyze, the risk alignment platform founded upon the Risk Number®.

PIEtech℠ will incorporate the Riskalyze core risk profiling module into the navigation of MoneyGuidePro®, and will leverage both Riskalyze’s account-specific Risk Numbers as well as the aggregate Risk Number® across all accounts. The integration will be structured so that both Riskalyze and MoneyGuidePro® subscribers will be able to launch one system from the other – even for clients that did not previously have a financial plan or risk profile created.

“We are very pleased to be collaborating with the Riskalyze team in our continued effort to help advisors improve the discovery process with their clients,” said Kevin Knull, CFP®, President of PIEtech℠. “By coupling the Riskalyze near-term time horizon risk profiling tools with MoneyGuidePro®’s holistic long-term risk profiling approach, advisors will be better able to evaluate a client’s current risk exposure and true risk capacity.”

PIEtech℠ will also add the Riskalyze proposal generation system as part of an optional implementation step once an advisor has created a financial plan in MoneyGuidePro®. “It has taken some time for both sides to find an optimal integration schema,” continued Knull. “Our respective technology and design teams worked diligently over multiple sessions to create a powerful solution that can then be leveraged with other systems and platforms, and our combined efforts aim to improve the quality of advice and efficiency of advisors.”


As is evidenced through a string of recent announcements, PIEtech℠ has changed its stance on integrations. With a substantial number of integrations, perhaps even more than any other financial planning software solution, the firm is now focused on creating deep and robust integrations that work seamlessly between systems.

“We’re thrilled to work together with PIEtech℠ to bring the Risk Number to MoneyGuidePro® and to equip great advisors with the tools they need to act in their clients’ best interests,” said Aaron Klein, CEO of Riskalyze. “From individual advisors to the enterprise, it was clear that our joint customers wanted these two products to work more closely together, and we’re excited to announce this partnership today.”


PIEtech℠, Inc.’s vision is that everyone needs and deserves a quality financial plan. PIEtech℠ is the creator of MoneyGuidePro®, an industry-leading financial planning software, myMoneyGuide®, an online guided planning solution that allows firms to broadly offer financial planning, and Best Interest Scout℠, a standalone, scalable discovery solution to help firms of all types obtain necessary client information. For more information on PIEtech, please visit www.moneyguidepro.com.


Riskalyze is the company that invented the Risk Number®, which powers their Risk Alignment Platform, empowers advisors to execute a digital advice business model with Autopilot, and enables compliance teams to spot issues, develop real-time visibility and navigate changing fiduciary rules with Compliance Cloud. Advisors, broker/dealers, RIAs, asset managers, custodians and clearing firms use Riskalyze to align the world’s investments with each investor’s Risk Number. To learn more, visit www.riskalyze.com.

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