Private Client Resources and InvestCloud Partner to Deliver Total Wealth Aggregation Services

Private Client Resources and InvestCloud Partner to Deliver Total Wealth Aggregation Services

InvestCloud Inc., a global FinTech firm, and Private Client Resources (PCR), a leading provider of total wealth aggregation services for UHNW families and their advisors, recently announced a partnership that will see both firms combine their technology to offer wealth managers, family offices, private banks and other financial institutions a complete digital communication and data aggregation solution. This solution combines the firms’ existing products – already in use by hundreds of clients and hundreds of thousands of end users. The collaboration will benefit advisors and financial institutions by combining leading investment management and digital communication solutions with secure data aggregation.

By utilizing the two FinTech firms’ investment management, digital communication and data aggregation solutions, advisors can empower their clients with a complete view of their total wealth that is available any time and on any device. The combined solution is designed to elevate client communications beyond the capabilities of incumbent products.


“Ask anyone in the space: the heart of great client communication is great data. At InvestCloud we have demonstrated the power of data integration and digital strategies to transform the advisor-client communication experience, and our partnership with PCR brings an entirely new level of data quality and completeness to these solutions,” said John Wise, CEO of InvestCloud. “InvestCloud empowers financial institutions to build and maintain intuitive and responsive client relationships, as well as to make better business decisions based on better information.” InvestCloud delivers these tools via an ever-expanding library of over 200 apps and more than 5,000 client digital experiences offered on a powerful digital platform. InvestCloud delivers these apps in a hyper-modular fashion using its patented Programs Writing Programs (PWP) technology.

“The digital transformation of the wealth management and advisory business is in hyper-drive, and InvestCloud is the clear leader. The opportunity to work together and leverage their platform to develop and operationalize entirely new ways to ensure that advisors have complete and analytics-ready access to client information and to transform this information in meaningful new ways is very exciting,” said Bob Miller, CEO and Vice Chairman of PCR.

“For over a decade PCR has honed a unique aggregation service based on direct data feeds authorized by the Letters of Authorization process – not shared username/passwords and screen scraping. The combination of infrastructure, technology, operations and people are trusted by thousands of the wealthiest families in North America to bring together even the hardest-to-aggregate investments such as alternatives, private equity, real estate and private business interests,” said PCR’s Miller.


The companies’ products have been tightly integrated to provide a range of new capabilities. PCR’s digital enrollment system, which provides a streamlined e-signature workflow for Letter of Authorization processing, is now built into InvestCloud’s CRM system for easy on-boarding. The integration also provides consolidated entity and ownership management.

After authorization, data and investor communications immediately flow from over 400 electronic data sources and thousands of managers. PCR’s financial analysts and data service teams oversee reconciliation. Analytics-ready data from any source is then delivered at a tax lot level into InvestCloud’s digital warehouse where it powers hundreds of investment apps.

Mark Trousdale, Chief Marketing Officer at InvestCloud, said, “Our partnership is focused on solving the information quality and availability problem that has plagued dozens of software providers that leave operationalizing data management to their clients. To be useful, wealth data must not only be complete but also ensured accurate to support complex performance, attribution and risk analytics.”


Headquartered in Los Angeles, InvestCloud empowers investors and managers through its unique digital platform. Today the InvestCloud platform supports over $1.7 trillion of assets across 670 institutional customers. Customer segments include wealth managers, institutional investors, asset managers, family offices, asset services companies, financial platforms and banks. More information is available at


Founded by family offices in 2000, PCR powers the interactions between ultra-high-net-worth advisors and their clients. The company delivers data aggregation, integration, reporting, mobile and analytics solutions which efficiently deliver a total wealth view critical to providing great advice. The solutions cater to the unique needs of UHNW clients including the consolidation of extensive hard-to-aggregate illiquid holdings, multi-generation wealth structures, complex ownership modeling and custom composite views of their data. PCR’s award-winning managed services are based on a secure process of obtaining data that does not rely on controversial sharing of usernames/passwords, unmatched data quality and service commitment that goes beyond just technology. For more information visit

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