Raising Prospects From the Grave: Snappy Kraken Introduces Marketing Campaigns to Help Financial Advisors Do This and More

Raising Prospects From the Grave: Snappy Kraken Introduces Marketing Campaigns to Help Financial Advisors Do This and More

Snappy Kraken, a MarTech company that helps financial professionals personalize, automate, and track marketing campaigns and business processes, is at the T3 Enterprise Conference today announcing three new ways to reactivate old prospects and impress current clients using modern digital means. The three new turnkey marketing campaigns will help financial advisors reactivate old prospects, wow existing clients, and bring in new clients.

“Advisors need to be able to attract the right clients, quickly and with less effort,” said Snappy Kraken CEO and co-founder, Robert Sofia. “They need do more with less and that is exactly what our solution does. Snappy Kraken is bringing marketing automation and fresh concepts to help advisors streamline workflows and fill their client pipeline — and to make it a total no-brainer, advisors can get started for free,” added Sofia.

Snappy Kraken recently received $1 million in Series A Funding from investors who saw the growth potential in the services that they provide. “We realized there is a huge appetite for content delivery and thorough marketing automation, and anticipate massive growth for the company,” added Sofia.


It’s Halloween at the T3 Enterprise Conference in Las Vegas this week – and Snappy Kraken is there to talk with attendees about modernizing their marketing methods. What better time to announce Snappy Kraken’s new digital marketing campaign aimed at motivating cold prospect to request an appointment? Each week for two months, the inactive prospect receives emails that progressively explain the benefits of working with the advisor. The emails are brief, informal and designed to feel like personal emails sent directly from the advisor rather than template emails that have been automatically generated. Benefits of working with a financial professional that are explained in this series include: Organization, Accountability, Objectivity, Education, Experience, and Proactivity.

Each message can be personalized to the advisor’s liking inside Snappy Kraken’s dynamic text editor. Advisors use this series to close the loop when they:

  • Receive a business card and aren’t sure how to follow up
  • Receive an inquiry on their website but there’s no phone number provided
  • Have cold prospects in their database who have never requested an appointment
  • Want to follow up with a new connection they made on social media

After the intro email, each subsequent email prompts the prospect to call for an appointment or request one online via the landing page provided for them as part of the campaign, making track metrics simple. “If you use a program like Calendly or Acuity, you can swap out the links in our template for your calendar link and the prospect can book an appointment instantly,” added Sofia.


Advisors can take the hassle out of promoting their next wine-tasting event with this six-week automated campaign. “Advisors haven’t seen anything quite like this before,” said newly hired, David Connor, Vice President of Sales for Snappy Kraken, who now oversees sales strategy and new client acquisition for the business. “Our system helps advisors promote their event through print, email, and social media, and offer attendees a simple landing page for registration. Advisors are able to automate every aspect of planning the event, leaving them more time to focus on their clients,” said Connor. “Plus, the visuals we provide in the campaign are stunning. Golf events, chocolate tasting and other cool event promotions are planned in the future. Pricing is super aggressive and includes new campaigns monthly,” added Connor.


Competitors know that many advisors drop the ball after getting a new client’s business. “Advisors can wow their new clients with a high-touch onboarding process and take the load off their team with this automated campaign,” said Connor. “This email series will reach out to advisor’s new clients six times in the first 90 days, welcoming them to their practice, setting expectations, and encouraging patience as accounts are transferred and their strategies are implemented. This is something every advisor wishes they had time to do. We provide advisors with a beautiful, seamless, automated campaign to show their new clients just how much they appreciate their business. It ensures that new clients don’t fall through the cracks of a busy practice. This campaign is best used as part of an advisor’s overall new client welcome; however, it can be modified to use with clients at any point during the first year, said Connor.


Snappy Kraken, is a SaaS marketing solution that helps financial advisors personalize, automate, and track marketing campaigns and business processes. Users can choose from a number of ready-made campaigns, each containing combinations of professionally designed and written email drip series, social media posts, ads and more. Clicks, opens, and shares are managed and tracked from within a single dashboard. Snappy Kraken, which took first place in the FinTech Startup Competition hosted by the XY Planning Network in September 2016, is led by industry veteran and practice management consultant Robert Sofia (www.RobertSofia.com). Get started for free and learn more about Snappy Kraken at: www.SnappyKraken.com.

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