Redi2 Technologies’ BillFin Solution Enhances Features, Attracts New Users

Redi2 Technologies’ BillFin Solution Enhances Features, Attracts New Users

Since its introduction in 2015, Redi2 Technologies’ BillFinTM solution has been adopted by more than 265 financial advisors to help them streamline their client billing process, with usage rapidly increasing 150 percent since October 2016. “In the current environment, with the increasing cost of regulatory compliance and downward pressure on fees, advisors are looking for ways to operate more efficiently while still providing the best possible service to clients,” said Redi2 President and COO Fermin Garcia. “BillFin is the go-to solution for advisors who seek the efficiencies and economies of a sophisticated automated billing solution; those who are ready for a streamlined alternative to time-consuming, error-prone manual spreadsheets.”

WNY Asset Management, LLC, a Registered Investment Advisor in Williamsville, New York, that adopted BillFin in 2016, had several requirements beyond the capabilities of the solution. They were looking for a provider that was a software developer (not a third party distributor), offered in-house support, and received high ratings from existing users. “BillFin is thoughtfully designed, intuitive and well maintained,” said WNY Asset Management’s Chief Financial Officer Annette Wargo. “The executive and account management team is extremely knowledgeable and thorough, taking the time to understand our processes and needs, and being available throughout the conversion process to ensure a smooth transition. In addition to being very responsive to our questions, our account manager takes the initiative and time to walk us through product enhancements.”


BillFin is a cloud-based billing software solution designed specifically for financial advisors that integrates seamlessly with other products such as portfolio management systems, custodians, and data aggregators. The solution capabilities include family billing, householding, flat and tiered billing schedules, billing on Average Daily Balance (ADB), and Off-Cycle Billing flexibility to help with smoother cash flows.

In addition recent updates include:

  • Quickly and easily assign new accounts when syncing from one of BillFin’s partners
  • Flexibility to include or exclude unsettled shares in the total asset value calculations performed with Schwab integration
  • Billing adjustments for intra-period deposits and withdrawals
  • Aggregating multiple accounts from different advisors on one billing invoice
  • Rich detail at the account level around alerts and reminders
  • Reports module offering reporting on billing setup, fees and payments


Headquartered in Boston, Redi2 Technologies offers a comprehensive, SaaS revenue management platform to the global financial services industry, serving investment management firms with aggregated assets under management of more than $5.5 trillion. Since its 2002 founding, Redi2 has leveraged technology to automate client reporting, fee billing and invoicing for wealth and investment managers. Redi2 is a Software as a Service (SaaS) pioneer and a market leader in vendor-hosted fee billing for firms of all sizes. For more information, visit


BillFin is Redi2’s simple and flexible billing system for independent financial advisors, RIAs, and broker/dealers. Designed for easy import of data from any CRM, custodian, or portfolio management system, BillFin’s features include flexible billing rules, automated tiered or flat pricing at client and account levels, fee schedule templates and customizable invoices. Follow @Redi2BillFin on Twitter for breaking news and announcements. For more information about BillFin, or to request a free trial, visit

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