RightCapital Provides Right Tools for Financial Planning Students

Twenty Universities Using Award-Winning Software to Educate Students, Train for Professional Positions, Give PFP Students a “Leg Up”

RightCapital, a next-generation financial planning solution that provides advisors with the ability to create custom comprehensive financial plans, has been working closely with university personal financial planning programs, providing their software free to students who are enrolled in the Personal Financial Planning (PFP) programs at a large number of universities across the United States. The objective is two-fold: to ensure that students are well prepared for their careers and to enhance the future of the profession.

“ Students who use RightCapital in the classroom have a real leg up when finding a job,” said Colin Slabach, instructor at Texas Tech University.  “They now have the ability to add value to an advisor’s practice right out of the gate. It’s a no brainer to hire them. They have a technology feather in their cap.”

RightCapital, a relative newcomer to the industry, has provided free subscriptions to more than 20 participating universities even as it has achieved increasing success in adoption by practicing advisors.  The initiative gives the students easy access to financial planning software, enhancing their learning experience and preparing them better to enter the workforce.

Derek Lawson, CFP®, assistant professor at Kansas State University and a financial advisor with Priority Financial Partners, has used RightCapital software with his planning clients and as a teaching tool in the classroom. “I found that students were more engaged in class when I introduced them to the software, asking questions and forming lively discussions on planning related topics,” said Lawson, who had also used it with students at Texas Tech University when he taught there. “With RightCapital, I was able to teach tax and retirement planning as well as wealth management concepts in one software. It allowed me to provide students maximum exposure to planning concepts and it was easy for them to learn.”

PFP students were able to:

  • Utilize a dashboard and balance sheet
  • Create their own tax return (Form 1040)
  • Dive into actual planning concepts like taxes
  • Create an entire financial plan as their capstone project

“Becoming familiar with the RightCapital software was a great advantage,” said Garrett Huerter, a recent graduate of the Kansas State University Personal Financial Planning Program. “When I joined Peace of Mind Financial Planning, I suggested to the firm leadership that they try it out. Three months later the entire firm adopted the software due to its ease of use and excellent feature set.”


“As a forward-thinking company, we are deeply committed to preparing the next generation of financial planners as well as providing current practitioners with education through a series of monthly webinars, including hundreds of episodes through which thousands of CE credits have been awarded,” said RightCapital CEO Shuang Chen. “It’s deeply gratifying to know that we are making a difference. Providing the right educational tools to students pursuing their undergraduate degree in personal financial planning is essential to the future of financial planning.”

“This initiative has become extremely important to RightCapital,” continued Chen. “We have given free subscriptions to 20 or so participating universities so that they can provide their students with easy access to financial planning software, allowing them to be better prepared when they enter the workforce.  We believe our innovative, easy-to-use software is a great fit for the classroom given that it requires little training  and gets them up and running faster, exposing students to a variety of planning opportunities.”

Universities and students who are interested in learning more about RightCapital and their focus on educating the next generation of financial planning practitioners may contact Anne Laffin at  203-712-7770 or anne.laffin@rightcapital.com.

ABOUT RIGHTCAPITAL After 15 years working with financial advisors, RightCapital co-founders Shuang Chen, CFA® and Song Chen recognized how complex many of the industry’s leading financial planning software systems had become over time. Founded in 2015, RightCapital was created with the goal of developing next generation financial planning software that advisors can use to simplify the financial planning experience for their clients with three main goals: an elegant, modern look and feel; interactive, easy to use tools that can be shared by advisors and clients; rigorous and robust calculation engine that generates accurate results quickly. For more information visit, www.RightCapital.com.

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