Riskalyze and Asset-Map Announce Integration at T3 Enterprise Conference

Riskalyze and Asset-Map Announce Integration at T3 Enterprise Conference

Riskalyze and Asset-Map will be sharing the details of their integration at the T3 Enterprise Conference in Las Vegas this week. They are excited to share that the Risk Number®  will now be integrated into the Asset-Map Platform. Riskalyze invented the Risk Number®, a quantitative way for financial professionals to pinpoint how much risk investors want, how much risk they have in their portfolio, and how much risk they’ll need in order to reach their goals. Asset-Map, LLC provides the Asset-Map® Platform, a household visualization platform that collects an entire client profile on one page to help financial professionals communicate their financial facts and conditions.

The integration of Riskalyze with the Asset-Map Platform creates a very nice client experience and risk profiling solution for financial professionals to facilitate meaningful financial conversations.


The Asset-Map Platform has evolved into a practice management and collaboration platform that financial professionals typically choose to use alongside traditional financial planning tools because it focuses on the critical discovery process — seeking opportunities to serve clients’ best interests.

By continuously promoting the asking of good questions in the common meeting formats today (face-to-face paper reports, digital/mobile presentations and remote screen display), the platform enables collaboration among generalist and specialist practitioners in order to uncover financial structural gaps and address clients’ current financial inventories relative to the people and entities that matter most to the household.

“Asset-Map is a repeatable point-of-sale and customer review experience that doesn’t feel like a typical advisor sales process,” said Adam Holt, CEO, Asset-Map. “By integrating with the Risk Number, Asset-Map expands its unique customer experience that promotes confidence in current condition and risk assessment with clarity of action while promoting an elevated standard of care that clients appreciate.”


“This integration will also set a new standard of best interest advice and customer experience between advisors and their clients and prospects” continued Holt. “The combination of Riskalyze and Asset-Map delivers an unmatched front-end solution to address the upcoming DOL Fiduciary Rule.”

“We’re thrilled to integrate with Asset-Map,” said Aaron Klein, CEO of  Riskalyze. “Giving advisors the ability to embed the Risk Number directly into an investor’s Asset-Map will give them tremendous visibility and the confidence that they’re quantifying the best interest standard.”

“The Riskalyze / Asset-Map integration creates an unparalleled conversation piece that promotes a non-threatening dialogue between clients and advisors,” said Holt. “It will enable financial professionals to gain new transparency and perspective in order to provide better education and guidance to their clients. This integration completes the ‘know your client’ challenge and finally gets everyone on the same page – literally. We are very excited about this opportunity to talk to the customer at their level.”


Riskalyze is the company that invented the Risk Number®, which powers the their Risk Alignment Platform. The platform helps advisors to execute a digital advice business model with Autopilot, and enables compliance teams to spot issues, develop real-time visibility and navigate changing fiduciary rules with Compliance Cloud. Advisors, broker/dealers, RIAs, asset managers, custodians and clearing firms today use Riskalyze to align investments with each investor’s Risk Number. To learn more, visit www.riskalyze.com.


Founded by successful financial advisors, Asset-Map® delivers practice management solutions transforming the advisor/client relationship by visually facilitating meaningful financial conversations. The Asset-Map Platform is a cloud-based and professionally branded SaaS, enhancing an advisor’s customer experience through the most common meeting formats today: using paper, computers, tablets or through remote online meetings. Advisors choose to use Asset-Map because it provides a continuous, modern discovery process for opportunities to suitably serve their clients. Financial professionals, broker/dealers, RIAs, insurance agents and agencies have mapped over $340 billion in financial instruments on the Asset-Map Platform. To learn more, visit www.asset-map.com.

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