Rowling & Associates Launches InStrategy – A new Investment Strategy and Research Platform for RIAs

Rowling & Associates Launches InStrategy – A new Investment Strategy and Research Platform for RIAs

Rowling & Associates, a nationally recognized, independent wealth management firm, recently announced the availability of a new investment strategy and research platform available to independent Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) on an outsourced basis.

The new service platform called InStrategy will provide RIAs with a turnkey, investment strategy and research service that provides recommended asset allocation models, mutual fund research, ongoing updates for changes and tax loss harvesting opportunities, and capital gain avoidance distribution guidance, along with client communications that can be separately white-labeled with the advisor’s branding.

The firm will leverage its successful investment management process to create new outsourced service at a low, flat fee. Unlike other investment research and strategy services that charge expensive basis points, InStrategy will be offered at a flat annual fee of $6,000.

“Advisors we have worked with continue to seek out ways to be able to serve more clients with fewer resources,” said Sheryl Rowling, CEO and founder of Rowling & Associates. “Investment management can be a costly, time-intensive process to manage in-house for many firms, and through our decades of experience managing client portfolios at Rowling & Associates, we have developed an efficient, prudent process that we are happy to share with the industry.”

Rowling, fresh off of the sale of Total Rebalance Expert, a leading rebalancing technology solution, to Morningstar, is returning to her entrepreneurial roots with the launch of InStrategy. “Advisors over the years have been asking me for advice on how to better manage their investing process and I am pleased to be able to do that through InStrategy,” Rowling noted. “We firmly believe that investors are better served through a fiduciary process and by making InStrategy available on an industry-wide basis, more investors can benefit from that approach.”

InStrategy will be unveiled at the Shareholders Service Group (SSG) conference taking place on April 26-28, 2017, in San Diego.


Rowling & Associates is an award-winning, independent wealth management firm founded by industry veteran Sheryl Rowling. With a CPA background, Rowling & Associates provides comprehensive financial planning, investment management, tax advisory and wealth management services. Recognized by Schwab and Investment News as one of the industry’s “Best Managed Firms,” Rowling & Associates has a legacy of prudent business practices and a comprehensive approach to investment management that fuels business growth. To learn more about Rowling & Associates, visit

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