T3 Announces Job Fair for CFP Students, Feb 14-17, 2017 in California

T3 Announces Job Fair for CFP Students, Feb 14-17, 2017 in California

Thinking of attending the T3 Advisor Conference in February? Here is yet another reason!

New this year: A job fair for entry-level financial planners and multiple sessions tailored to financial planning students. Advisory firms will be recruiting next-gen talent throughout the T3 Advisor Conference being held February 14-17, 2017 in Orange County, California.

A group of RIA firms and RIA-focused technology companies have created a scholarship to help CFP students attend the conference. $8,000 has been donated by RIA Firms Abacus Wealth Partners, Aspiriant, Dowling & Yahnke, Private Ocean, Vista Wealth Management; and technology firms Orion Advisor Services and Junxure.

“Additional contributions would allow for more students to attend,” said conference host Joel Bruckenstein. “If you are an established RIA firm or fintech company interested in supporting this T3 Job Fair initiative, which clearly has a good dose of self-interest baked into it, please contact JDBruce@AbacusWealth.com. As a tenured financial advisor and leader of a highly successful wealth management firm, J.D. is well qualified to lead this noble effort. We are thankful for his enthusiasm and volunteer work effort.”

“Every other RIA firm leader I know complains that it’s hard to find next-gen talent. Well, now we’re bringing the talent to us. Abacus is currently hiring four associate advisors, so I hope to walk away from this conference with some new associates,” said J.D. Bruce, president of Abacus Wealth Partners. “If you run an RIA or fintech firm, and you want to become an employer of choice for the best and brightest CFP talent in the country, you must participate in this effort. Please donate to the scholarship fund and participate in the job fair. Be sure to arrive February 14th and stay until the afternoon of February 17th so you can take full advantage of this wonderful opportunity.”

Learn more about the conference at www.TechnologyToolsForToday.com.

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