The Five-Minute Financial Plan™ Now Available on the Orion Client Portal

FinMason, a rapidly-growing fintech firm operating one of the largest investment analytics platforms in the world, announced the rollout of the Five-Minute Financial Plan™ on the client portal of Orion Advisor Services, LLC (“Orion”), a premier portfolio management solution provider for registered investment advisors. This easy and intuitive financial planning tool, powered by the FinMason analytics engine, enables advisors to quickly and efficiently share their clients’ five-minute financial plans directly inside the client portal, allowing clients to check-in any time and verify whether they are still on track. Clients can also test how various changes would affect their plans and view the possible outcomes in an understandable way, often prompting interaction with their advisor.

“Our advisors are constantly looking for ways to engage clients and prospects in meaningful conversations that are timely, relevant and dynamic,” said Eric Clarke, CEO of Orion Advisor Services. “The interactive planning capabilities of FinMason help advisors bridge a gap between a client’s investment portfolio and their long-term goals around retirement income, savings, and longevity risk.”

The Five-Minute Financial Plan™ is designed to improve the frequency and quality of touches with every client and prospect to help ensure that each one is set up with a plan that aligns with their specific goals. When clients access their plan within the portal, advisors are notified, thereby scaling their client-planning bandwidth.

With The Five-Minute Financial Plan™, users can:

  • Start planning right away – no training necessary
  • Develop a financial plan with understandable outcomes on a single page
  • Plan for their financial futures in five minutes or less

“Advisors need to make their day more efficient and service more clients in a deeper way,” said Kendrick Wakeman, CFA, founder and CEO of FinMason. “By allowing clients to access their plan directly, or even initiate a plan on their own, advisors can have those value-added conversations efficiently and exactly when they are needed. It helps scale their business while also improving client service.”

FinMason will be exhibiting at the 2019 T3 Advisor Conference as a sponsor from January 29th through February 1st in Dallas (Denton), Texas.

FinMason is one of the world’s largest investment analytics engines for financial services platforms. The Boston-based financial technology firm provides access to more than 700 calculations on every publicly-traded asset in the world, delivered through one simple API. Developed by FinMason’s team of seasoned data practitioners and nine Ph.D.s, the cutting-edge platform delivers institutional-grade analytics in milliseconds via two core products: FinRiver™ – a lightning-fast API that delivers any analytics anywhere in your platform with just a few keystrokes; and, FinScope™ – a bulk-processing platform that can analyze millions of portfolios every night for compliance screening and performance attribution. For more information, visit

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