Vendors Urged by FCI to Add Zero Trust MFA Feature while at #T32024

Vendors Urged by FCI to Add Zero Trust MFA Feature while at #T32024

FCI Cyber (FCI) today at the T3 Conference announced its alignment with the latest CISA guidance on Phishing-Resistant MFA and the CISA Zero Trust Maturity Model. This strategic move aims to bolster clients’ security and compliance while mitigating risks. Vendors are urged to incorporate Zero Trust MFA into their software, following examples set by industry leaders like Microsoft and FINRA, which adopted Advanced MFA solutions from Duo to secure their member portal.

FCI invites vendors to join an Advanced MFA Discussion at Booth #520 during the 2024T3TechnologyConference on January 22-25, 2024, at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas.

Zero Trust MFA introduces an advanced level of Vendor Security Controls, featuring secure integration keys and centralized authentication logs. This elevates the existing MFA functionality found in many vendor applications.

In a landscape where technology is indispensable, the rising sophistication of cyber threats necessitates a shift from basic to advanced MFA. The mere receipt of a text code or the use of a standalone MFA app without proper integration is no longer sufficient.

The evolution of cybersecurity controls has followed a logical progression:

  • Hackers targeted vendors as a primary access point to private data
  • Regulators and government agencies enforced stricter controls on vendors to safeguard the industry
  • Vendors responded by adding basic MFA to their applications
  • New requirements emerged to further secure the industry
  • Vendors must now integrate the Zero Trust MFA feature into their software

Statistics reveal a concerning trend, with a study backed by Apple indicating that 98% of organizations have at least one vendor that’s had a breach in the last two years. 

Brian Edelman, FCI’s Founder and CEO, emphasizes, “Vendors must adopt the CISA’s Zero Trust Maturity Model and add Zero Trust MFA to their software to address increasing vulnerabilities. We must take decisive action. It’s time to Zero- Trust the industry.”


FCI is a NIST-Based Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) offering Cybersecurity Compliance Enablement Technologies & Services to CISOs and security personnel of Financial Services organizations with prescriptive cybersecurity regulatory requirements. FCI blends best-of-breed technologies, cybersecurity best practices, expertise, and innovation to perform Security Assessments and deliver cloud- based Managed Endpoint and Network Protection.

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