Xtiva Announces New Strategic Compensation Services, Partnership with Matt Lynch / Strategy & Resources, LLC

Xtiva Announces New Strategic Compensation Services, Partnership with Matt Lynch / Strategy & Resources, LLC

Financial services firms can now quickly and reliably design and implement new, strategically aligned, advisor and field manager compensation thanks to a partnership between Xtiva Financial Systems (Xtiva), a firm that provides sales performance management tools for financial services firms, and Strategy & Resources, LLC (S&R), a management-consulting firm run by long-time industry strategist Matt Lynch.

Today the two firms announced the launch of their new Strategic Compensation Services. Developed and executed in partnership with Matt Lynch and his team, this new service program combines the best capabilities of both firms to create a new suite of services exclusively available to Xtiva customers.

“This suite of services is going to be a game changer for our customers ­ and it could not come at a more pressing time for the market,” explained Thomas Moysak, Xtiva’s Chief Executive Officer. “We approached Strategy & Resources with a vision of creating the best strategic compensation support possible for our customers and have worked together for some time now to make this service offering a reality. We are thrilled to be bringing this to the financial service market.”


The service plan includes a quarterly market overview, an executive briefing in support of annual planning and strategy sessions, a comprehensive market benchmarking program, and a complete “full-stack” strategic compensation design and implementation service. “The unique combination of capabilities ­Xtiva’s rich data, the proprietary insight tools of both Xtiva and S&R, the profound wisdom of Matt Lynch and his team, and Xtiva’s technical implementation experience ­ come together to make a powerful offering,” Moysak said.

“Partnering with Xtiva is a great fit,” stated Matt Lynch, Managing Partner at Strategy & Resources, LLC. “Our team is looking forward to working with Xtiva’s clients to help them drive their business farther, faster and with even greater value.”

The Strategic Compensation Services will be rolled out to Xtiva customers over the next quarter.


Xtiva Financial Systems provides a suite of innovative sales performance management tools and services exclusively for financial services via the Xtiva Cloud platform. Over 80 enterprise broker-dealer, RIAs, custodians and insurance firms use Xtiva’s award-winning software, services, and support to maximize their salesforce investments and business performance. Xtiva’s customer obsessed team is dedicated to ensuring its customers and their partners achieve more everyday. Learn more at www.Xtiva.com.


Strategy & Resources, LLC is a management-consulting firm focused exclusively on the financial services industry. Using an open architecture approach that mixes an in-house team of senior consultants with a collection of top resource partners, Strategy & Resources works with the C-Suite of many of the top financial services brands in North America. Learn more at www.StrategyAndResources.com.

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