Yourefolio Releases New Flow-Charting Capabilities in Estate Planning Software Technology Platform

Yourefolio Releases New Flow-Charting Capabilities in Estate Planning Software Technology Platform

Yourefolio, a leader in professional driven estate and legacy planning software, announced today the release of new and enhanced flowcharting capabilities.

“Icons“– visual displays of assets, liabilities and ownership transfers – are derived from various information within the Yourefolio database and populate the intuitive Yourefolio interface. Advisors will have the ability to drag and drop whichever icons they wish into the screen and move them to any position desired to visually explain the impacts of wealth transfers. These workflows will save advisors time by removing any manual efforts in creating visual displays.

“What makes the experience seamless is the communication within the flow-charts,” said Scott Huff CEO of Yourefolio. “While the industry has been stuck with basic options for flow-charting, these were limited by incomplete functionality and data connections. Now with Yourefolio’s enhanced flowcharting capabilities, monetary totals are automatically re-calculated ‘on the fly,’ making it a much more dynamic and interactive experience for clients and advisors.”

For example, if a professional would like to illustrate how adding a trust to their client’s estate or financial plan looks, they simply add the icon to the flow-chart. Once the client agrees to this plan of action, the information is automatically updated in the Yourefolio database, enabling advisors to quickly expand on their planning for the client.

“While two-way communication was one enhanced feature, adding and subtracting totals within the flow-charts was equally important,” said Huff. “Now, a professional can show monetary flow through the flow-charts and change amounts within each node or action step. The totals will reflect how inheritance can change and how cash flow and other strategies can be accomplished. We’ve added tax calculations, both Federal and State, as icons and totals to the charts. Now any scenario can be illustrated. Advisors have been asking for this type of flow-charting for years – now professionals will have the most elaborate flow-charting capabilities at their fingertips.”

Yourefolio’s user interface enables enhanced personalization such as including clients’ photos and enabling icons to look like cars, homes, and other related assets. Templates can now be created, saved and reused along with the ability to create just a basic flow-chart. Notes can be added for further explanations.

“Illustrations in estate planning and financial planning will be revolutionized with Yourefolio’s new enhanced capabilities,” said Huff.

Any current users of Yourefolio will get a scheduled release starting on January 31st, 2019. New users will see it appear on their platforms as of February 15th, 2019, in addition to the new flow-charting,

Yourefolio has been on an aggressive integration development campaign. Newly released integrations and single sign-on’s within the platform include Orion, Schwab, Wealthbox CRM, Clio, InterActive Legal and Junxure. Single sign-on with AdvicePay and Right Capital are being completed. Custom Salesforce integrations are also available.

Yourefolio will be exhibiting at the upcoming Technology Tools for Today (T3) conference to be held January 29-February 1, 2019 in Denton, TX as well as at the TD Ameritrade Institutional LINC conference to be held February 6-9, 2019 in San Diego, CA.


Yourefolio is a leader in estate and legacy planning technology created by Scott Huff, a registered representative and investment advisor representative since 2001. Yourefolio has become a leading software for professionals who wish to include estate planning in their suite of services. Learn more at

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