MX® and MoneyGuidePro® to Provide Advisors and Their Clients with Data Aggregation and Personal Financial Management Options

MX® and MoneyGuidePro® to Provide Advisors and Their Clients with Data Aggregation and Personal Financial Management Options

Today, at the T3 Advisor Conference in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, MoneyGuidePro® and MX® announced a new partnership designed to help consumers actively manage their financial lives. The MX® add-on gives advisors more choice for aggregation within MoneyGuidePro® and offers new ways to engage clients with MX’s personal financial management (PFM) tools.

Kevin Hughes, EVP of Sales at PIEtech® shared PIEtech’s continued focus and commitment to financial planning saying, “PIEtech® continues to be laser focused on two things: innovating powerful financial planning features and partnering with firms that are the best in what they do. We believe in giving our subscribers best-in-breed options so that they can build their platform of choice.” Hughes continued, “We are excited to enhance the MoneyGuidePro® client planning portal experience by offering deep integration with MX’s powerful aggregation and PFM tools.”

MX® aggregation not only helps advisors identify held-away assets and create better financial plans with more complete and up-to-date client account information, it also helps them provide better financial advice based upon clients’ cash flow needs. Using historical spending and income information, along with predicted future cash flows, advisors and their clients can review and refine their financial goals. This tool helps clients identify where they may be able to save more, which can be an important financial plan element in achieving short- and long-term goals.

With MX, clients have access to visually engaging PFM tools that can help them quickly learn about their spending and savings habits while easily tracking their progress. For example, the budget tool uses bubbles of different colors and sizes to help clients quickly assess their financial situation. This non-traditional view shows whether each category is within or over budget and how much of the overall budget each category represents. Other MX® PFM tools help clients gain an understanding of their spending patterns with interactive views of 12-month trends. And the debt tool allows clients to set specific debt reduction strategies and goals. It offers clients the powerful option of prioritizing debts to pay off.

Don Parker, EVP of Partnerships at MX®, also expressed enthusiasm for the partnership. He said, “By partnering with multiple sources for each type of account aggregated and partnering with thousands of institutions, MX® empowers users to gather their financial lives in one place and take action based on real data.” Parker continued, “This relationship with MoneyGuidePro® is exciting because it provides an opportunity to clients and their advisors to strengthen their financial plans and add even more insight with real-time data.”

Current MoneyGuidePro® subscribers can get MX® as an add-on for an additional annual fee. Advisors can provide their clients with a seamless user experience by giving them access to the Snapshot view within the Client Portal. Clients and advisors can easily track the client’s cash flow, debt payoff and budgeting data within the same view as their financial plan’s Probability of Success. Quickly switching between the MX® PFM tools and the financial planning tools within MoneyGuidePro® is easy for advisors as they can be accessed under the same advisor login.

“The visuals and options in the MX® PFM tools help advisors capture their clients’ interest and can help get them involved in financial planning sooner,” said Hughes. “We’re excited to offer advisors more options to engage their clients and to help more Americans start planning.” The MX® PFM tools prove that pulling in account information enables clients to actively control more of their financial lives and empowers advisors to add more value to their client relationships.


MX® enables financial institutions and fintech providers to collect, refine and present actionable data that empowers the world to become financially strong. Founded in 2010, MX® is one of the fastest growing fintech providers, partnering with more than 1,700 financial institutions and 35 digital banking providers. For more information, visit


PIEtech, Inc. is singularly focused on helping more Americans control their financial future and security by planning for it. PIEtech® is the creator of MoneyGuidePro®, a financial planning software and myMoneyGuide®, an online guided planning solution that allows clients to create a customized plan. Innovative client engagement tools that were recently released include bliss, the Retirement Compatibility Game for couples, Financial Freedom, an interactive tool that helps clients control or eliminate debt and start saving, Discovery Lab, a guided experience that helps clients complete online data gathering, and Blocks, brief modular building blocks that address topics such as Social Security and Longevity. For more information on PIEtech’s powerful planning solutions, visit

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