Advicent Announces Synopsis Reporting in NaviPlan® 17.0 as Part of The Compliance Blueprint at T3 Advisor Conference

Advicent Announces Synopsis Reporting in NaviPlan® 17.0 as Part of The Compliance Blueprint at T3 Advisor Conference

Today at T3 Advisor Conference, Advicent, a leading provider of financial planning technology, announced new updates to its premier financial planning software tool, NaviPlan. Features in NaviPlan 17.0 include in-depth data reporting, updates to federal and state tax calculations, and various other improvements to offer accuracy and transparency for client plans – all of which assist firms in their Department of Labor Conflict of Interest Rule compliance strategies.

“Advicent is committed to ensuring accurate and up-to-date client information within our planning software; tools to empower advisors to increase transparency to customers in the face of increasing regulation; and integrations to make client data collection more efficient,” said George Fischer, senior vice president, product, at Advicent. “The enhancements in our NaviPlan 17.0 update benefit both our U.S. and Canadian partners. As a result, firms can ensure they are both productive in the planning process and foster a transparent, collaborative client-advisor relationship.”

Fischer will speak at T3 Advisor Conference on Wednesday, February 15, on the topic of Defining your value proposition: Providing cost-effective planning in light of the DOL rule and rise of the robos. He will provide actionable insights into how advisors, and firms, can define their value proposition to compete with robo advisors in a fiduciary world. Advisors will learn how to work more efficiently across a broader set of clients while still providing valuable fiduciary advice through financial planning when visiting the Advicent booth in the T3 exhibit hall. Advicent will also participate in the T3 Tech Lab Experience on Tuesday, February 14.

“Regardless of what ultimately happens with the DOL rule, Advicent wants to ensure that our partners are prepared with the latest enhancement to support firm-wide compliance strategies,” furthered Angela Pecoraro, president and COO of Advicent. “Even if the rule is eliminated, each of the enhancements in 17.0 will empower our users in providing the best client-advisor experience available.”

Below are some of the enhancements users can expect in NaviPlan 17.0.


The Compliance Blueprint is a three-part offering from Advicent that includes unique DOL-ready financial planning software functionalities, a DOL Education Center, and consultant partnership services — all supported by decades of experience providing guidance and thought leadership to clients through past regulatory changes. As an enhancement to the current DOL-ready software offering from Advicent, firms and advisors can now provide clients with all data entered into their plan with a modern report design and branding with the new Plan Analysis Synopsis report.

Synopsis reporting allows an advisor to provide a list of assumptions and inputs into the client’s plan, ensuring the data is correct and the advisor is acting in the client’s best interest. This report presents client data in an easy-to-understand format and style that is consistent with other client reports. The Plan Analysis Synopsis report, like all other NaviPlan client reports, can be included within a client presentation as a compliance requirement, part of a template with other client reports, a special inclusion to a presentation, or a standalone report for clients.


As part of the Advicent commitment to broaden integration options, NaviPlan now offers an expanded array of integration options through Custodial Connection feeds. Other integrations include Albridge™, AppCrown, MorningStar Office℠, Orion Advisor Services, Pershing NetX360®, Redtail Technology, TD Ameritrade Institutional™, and more. With NaviPlan 17.0, Advicent has integrated Quovo Custodial Feeds, in addition to the existing account aggregation integration within Narrator® Clients from Advicent. Quovo integrates with a large number of direct custodial feeds for portfolios directly managed by advisors, financial planners, and broker/dealers — providing unparalleled access to rich, deep financial data.


The federal, state, and estate tax calculations within NaviPlan have been updated to provide the most up to date analysis. Some of the key changes include:


  • Federal tax brackets
  • Federal tax rates
  • Federal standard deductions
  • Federal personal exemptions
  • 2017 Inflation Rate


  • Various state tax bracket, rates, deductions, and exemption updates
  • State estate tax


The federal and provincial tax calculations within NaviPlan have been updated to provide the most up to date analysis. Some of the key changes include:


  • Federal tax brackets
  • Federal tax rates
  • Federal tax credits
  • Changes to RRSP Historical Data
  • 2017 Eligible and Non-Eligible Tax Credits


  • Provincial tax bracket
  • Provincial tax rates
  • Provincial tax credits
  • Bracket changes to Quebec


Real estate assets are now a possible objective for a major purchase goal. Data entry will be identical to any real estate asset and the goal functions identical to any major purchase goal for planning and within reporting.


Advicent is a leading provider of SaaS technology solutions for the financial services industry, servicing the world’s largest financial institutions. The Advicent product offering includes the NaviPlan®, Figlo®, and Profiles™ financial planning software which power our Narrator® Advisor dashboard and Narrator® Clients portal; the Advisor Briefcase® marketing communications tool; and the Narrator® Connect application builder which unlocks the power of Advicent APIs. Through their innovative product capabilities and dedicated services, they are able to help thousands of financial professionals and their clients understand and impact their financial future. To learn more, visit or email

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