FMG Suite Launches MarketingCentral for Cetera Financial Group

FMG Suite Launches MarketingCentral for Cetera Financial Group

FMG Suite, a SaaS company specializing in marketing software and services for financial advisors and insurance agents, announced that it has launched MarketingCentral by Cetera​®​––an enterprise solution that delivers a comprehensive marketing platform to help Cetera Financial Group’s network of financial advisors compete in a crowded landscape.

Powered by FMG Suite, MarketingCentral helps advisors grow their practices, retain customers, and attract new business by adopting a modern, technology-first approach to marketing. It lets Cetera advisors establish their digital presence with access to powerful digital tools to launch automated, yet personalized email and social media marketing campaigns that drive traffic back to their sites.

To communicate more consistently and effectively, Cetera advisors will also have direct access to an extensive library of high-quality FINRA-reviewed articles, videos, infographics, quizzes, presentations, and more spanning a range of financial topics. Also included are event marketing tools, along with customizable and printable greeting cards delivered by mail to mark every special occasion. The library allows advisors to position themselves as subject matter experts by delivering valuable, timely, and relevant content that meets the high expectations of their customers.

“MarketingCentral represents a major step forward in our ability to deliver value-added marketing capabilities to our network of advisors, with solutions they didn’t even know they needed. Events are key in building relationships with clients and prospects—and offering a tool to help simplify how our advisors manage events is a game-changer. We are excited to launch MarketingCentral to our advisors so they can easily implement effective digital marketing strategies to grow their business,” said Michael Zuna, Chief Marketing Officer at Cetera.

“FMG Suite is dedicated to helping advisors grow their businesses through extraordinary marketing, and we are proud to partner with Cetera to do just that with MarketingCentral,” said FMG Suite CEO Scott White. “We look forward to growing the partnership to provide more value to Cetera advisors in the future,” he added.

In an ongoing effort to offer the most advanced marketing capabilities to the financial services industry, FMG Suite has outlined product plans for 2020. Plans include new functionality for advisors, including a new compliant SMS texting channel, pay-per-click advertising, additional content libraries, search engine optimization support, and an AI-curated news service in 2020. FMG Suite and Cetera continue to work closely to add new tools to the platform to help Cetera advisors communicate effectively in a digital age.


FMG Suite delivers a leading advisor marketing platform backed by an award-winning, FINRA-reviewed and compliance-ready content library. Powering some of the industry’s best websites, multimedia content, and communication tools for financial advisors and insurance agents, FMG Suite helps them deepen relationships with clients, stay connected with prospects, and grow their businesses. Rated first in market share and customer satisfaction in the 2019 T3 Software Survey Report by Morningstar, FMG Suite solutions are designed to advance how advisors develop their marketing strategies and automate their most effective marketing tactics. FMG Suite is headquartered in San Diego, CA with satellite offices across the United States.

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