MaxMyInterest and Orion Offer Insight into Clients’ Held-Away Cash

MaxMyInterest and Orion Offer Insight into Clients’ Held-Away Cash

MaxMyInterest (“Max”), a leading provider of innovative cash management solutions for financial advisors and their clients, today announced an integration with Orion Advisor Tech, LLC (“Orion”), a division of Orion Advisor Solutions, a premier portfolio accounting service provider for advisors, to meet the needs of advisors seeking better ways to deliver a higher yield on client cash.

Max lets financial advisors offer a robust solution for client cash, delivering preferential rates of up to 1.92% APY on same-day liquid, FDIC-insured bank deposits, available exclusively through the Max platform. In turn, with client permission, advisors can gain visibility into held-away cash to offer more holistic financial advice while growing their business organically. 

“We are excited to partner with Orion to deliver an integrated solution that helps advisors better serve their clients,” said Michael Halloran, Head of Partnerships and Business Development for Max. “MaxMyInterest remains dedicated to helping advisors and clients better manage held-away cash while earning preferred rates on same-day liquid, FDIC-insured cash while growing advisors’ businesses. We welcome Orion as our partner to help further achieve this goal.”

 Key features offered by the integration include:

  • Advisors and clients will be able to view Max balance data directly on the Orion platform:
    • Reveals held-away cash balances
    • Seamless and direct access: single sign-on (SSO) between Orion and the Max Advisor Dashboard with no need for advisors or clients to enter logins or passwords
    • Option to designate Max balances as part of the client’s asset allocation
    • House-holding support to show individual, joint, and revocable trusts all within the same report or portal for a client or advisor

“Partnering with MaxMyInterest to give advisors deeper insights into client assets is a natural fit, and we’re excited to extend Orion’s reporting capabilities to empower advisors further,” said Adam Palmer, Client Experience Director for Orion. “With more than three million customer accounts on the Orion platform, this partnership gives thousands of advisors the tools to create meaningful value beyond portfolio management while delivering holistic financial advice and organically growing their practices.”

As investors are tempted by high-yield accounts from digital advice firms seeking to displace human advisors, Max offers an advisor-centric platform allowing advisors’ clients to take advantage of the even-higher yields available from online banks, accessing preferential yields available exclusively through Max.

“Having balances reported in Orion makes using MaxMyInterest for held-away cash even more compelling for clients,” added Max user and president of Abacus Wealth Partners J.D. Bruce.

For more information about using the Max For Advisors integration, advisors should contact Orion admin or support. To access Max data within Orion, administrators need to enable the Max For Advisors integration. This enables Single Sign-On (SSO) between Max and Orion, allowing permissioned client data to flow seamlessly between the two platforms without clients having to enter any logins or passwords. Max data is currently available to select advisors in Orion Connect and will be available to all advisors in the coming weeks.


MaxMyInterest (“Max”), a service of Six Trees Capital LLC, offers cash management solutions for individuals and financial advisors that enable individual investors to earn dramatically higher yields on cash while empowering financial advisors to provide more holistic advice. Max automatically works to help ensure deposits earn the highest yield possible while remaining FDIC-insured. Today, Max members can earn up to 1.92% APY on same-day liquid, FDIC-insured cash, compared to the national savings average of 0.10%. Learn more about Max’s solutions for financial advisors at


Orion Advisor Technology, LLC, exists to help fiduciary minded advisors realize their unique vision for success. Our innovative technology includes client experience tools, tax-intelligent rebalancing, efficient billing, integrated planning, and automated compliance monitoring, all aimed at empowering advisors to improve their firm’s productivity, strengthen client relationships, and disrupt traditional ways of thinking. With more than $1 trillion in AUA and 3.3 million accounts on our platform, we have the experience and expertise necessary to help advisors grow and win more than their fair share. For more information, visit

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