MyRepChat to Provide Compliant Text Messaging Capabilities for Lincoln Investment

Lincoln Investment, an independent broker/dealer, has partnered with ionlake, LLC, the creators of MyRepChat, to provide their financial advisors with FINRA-compliant text messaging capabilities. The service allows users to seamlessly integrate the benefits of text messaging into Lincoln’s existing technology platform. Conceived, developed and managed by a financial advisor, MyRepChat enables investment professionals the ability to more effectively reach clients and prospects. Recognized as the one of the most efficient ways to communicate today, 98% of text messages are opened in under ninety seconds. Recipients may be more receptive to direct text messaging than to email outreach that often clutters their inbox or is lost to filters.

Advisors’ communications are effectively screened and archived daily in order to comply with prevailing regulatory requirements, as well as internal broker-dealer controls. The service can be easily added to desktop computers, and is also available for instant mobile download through iTunes and Google Play for use on smartphones and tablets. An attractive feature of this offering is that users are able to plug the service into their own devices (BYOD) without the need for expensive hardware upgrades.

Lincoln Investment’s Vice President of Application Development noted that the selection of MyRepChat versus competing services was made because “it solves the texting issue between the financial advisor and their clients and also provides a platform to deliver disclosures, Integrate with their CRM, and create auto responses.”


Lincoln Investment Planning, LLC is a full-service broker/dealer and registered investment adviser, providing investment, wealth and retirement planning services nationwide. The company currently has more than 450 employees and over 1,100 financial advisors in 43 states. Lincoln Investment serves over 364,000 individual investors, representing over $36 billion in assets, including over $16.1 billion in fee-based assets and provides retirement plan services to employees of more than 3,000 employers nationwide. For more information, visit


ionlake was founded in 2006 with an objective of providing a simple tool that managed one hometown event. Since 2016, ionlake launched MyRepChat as a solution designed for the financial services industry. MyRepChat has changed the way financial advisors communicate and engage with clients and it has changed expectations of the benefits of a texting tool. Learn more at

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