RetireUp and RepPro Partner to Offer New Retirement Income Planning Platform for Financial Advisors

RetireUp and RepPro Partner to Offer New Retirement Income Planning Platform for Financial Advisors

RetireUp, a company that develops retirement planning software for financial advisors, and RepPro, an automated form and application filing platform, have teamed up to launch an end-to-end retirement income planning platform for financial advisors. The new product, called RetireUpPro, uses industry-leading technology to expedite the operational workflow of an advisor’s business and put the client in the driver’s seat.

“Planning for retirement is a deeply personal experience, yet many of the platforms available today are one-size-fits-all solutions,” said President and Chief Sales Officer of RetireUp, Michael Roth“We felt it necessary to completely change the game for both the advisor and the client. RetireUpPro does this by putting them on the same side of the table so they can uncover challenges and work together. Every feature, from the engaging visuals to the advanced data analytics, is aimed at making retirement planning understandable, accessible and personalized for the client, empowering them to take an active role in planning for their futures.”


RetireUpPro was built by advisors for advisors. The advanced yet easy-to-use technology uses a solution-driven platform that increases efficiency, profitability and scale to accelerate the growth of an advisor’s business. Features include:

  • Personalized planning in real time: RetireUpPro’s real-time modeling software simplifies complex data and instantly illustrates a client’s most critical income risks – building a personalized income plan in 30 minutes or less. Together with the client, advisors can explore “what if” scenarios and test-drive various pre-modeled products using the client’s own portfolio data.
  • A streamlined back-office workflow: Data integration, built-in logic, and a fully automated filing system expedite administrative tasks while reducing human error. RetireUpPro cuts the application process from hours to minutes and does the heavy lifting by auto-populating the necessary forms by an average of 60 percent. This reduces back office strain and frustrating delays for the advisor and their clients.
  • A meaningful client experience: RetireUpPro’s visuals transform abstract financial concepts into realistic narratives and approachable data points that enable clients to feel more engaged and in control of their financial futures. Advisors who have used RetireUpPro reported case sizes 3 times larger than the industry’s average.

“More Americans are approaching retirement today than ever before, and as such, the financial services space continues to grow and become increasingly competitive. It is crucial that firms have a technology infrastructure in place that provides them with the efficiency, support and organization needed to stay competitive – or they will risk losing clients and producers,” said CEO of RepPro, Patrick Kelly“RetireUpPro is streamlined, secure and compliant so advisors can focus on what they do best: helping their clients.”

RetireUpPro is available now. For more information about RetireUpPro or to request a demo, visit


RetireUpPro will be exhibiting at the 5th annual T3 Conference for financial services executives being held Oct. 30 – Nov. 1, 2017 at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas. Their main stage presentation, “Have your cake and eat it too: How to make personalized retirement planning more profitable” is in room Castellana 1 from 9:20 AM – 10:00 AM, October 31 2017. Learn more about the upcoming conference here:

About RetireUp

RetireUp transforms client conversations into the centerpiece of the Retirement Income Story© with compelling discussions around the full picture of defined income (Social Security, variable annuities, fixed index annuities, pensions) and other assets. RetireUp’s web-based tool sets itself apart with a focus on the distribution phase of retirement, the ability to model annuity and insurance products, and an engaging interface. The tool provides a useful balance between basic retirement calculators and complicated retirement planning tools. RetireUp works with enterprises, registered representatives, and independent financial advisors. For more information go to

About RepPro

RepPro was designed to eliminate the headaches, hassles, and inefficiencies that exist with paper forms. The platform takes the entire forms process online and creates a system that reduces time and errors. Advisors can store client information, fill out and submit forms, and access a client’s forms with just a few clicks. For more information go to

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