The One Best Solution to the Challenges Advisory Firms Face Today

The One Best Solution to the Challenges Advisory Firms Face Today

Most of you know that I usually attend and speak at the annual T3 Advisor event, and you’ve read my reviews: basically, that it’s by far the best tech conference in the financial services space, sort of our equivalent to the Consumer Electronics Show. The exhibit hall gives you a look at just about everything that’s available, tech-wise, in our space, and the sessions give you various perspectives on what the various products can do.

This year’s conference is coming up: February 14-17 at the Hyatt Regency in (sunny and warm) Garden Grove, CA. You can register at: (subscribers to Inside Information should have already received a special discount code — if you missed it, just email me at

This year, my session will be more of a “fireside chat” where we will discuss the challenges advisory firms are facing right now. In this hyper-rapid evolutionary environment, advisory firms are having to adapt to a new generation of clients while incorporating new forms of intelligent software while adjusting their revenue model from AUM to retainers. This session will provide the one best solution to all of these challenges.

My advice for attending the T3 Advisor Conference this year? I generally say that the ideal attendance team is the company principal/founder plus a key operations person, who will do a lot of the tire-kicking and watching demos in the exhibit hall while the founder compares notes with other tech-savvy advisors.

I hope you’ll consider this important conference–especially now that so many new software capabilities and opportunities are opening up in our space.

Bob Veres
Bob Veres
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