Welcome to the New T3 Technology Hub

Welcome to the new T3 Technology Hub. If you want all the latest news plus in-depth reporting on financial services technology, you’ve come to the right place.

The T3 Technology Hub continues the tradition of providing insights on technology for financial advisors that Dave Drucker (retired) and I began at the turn of the century with the publication of our first Book “Virtual Office Tools for a High Margin Practice”. Dave and I followed up our first book by establishing the T3 newsletter, a paid subscription service that was conceived as a way of delivering timely supplements to the book on a monthly basis.

Much has changed since the publication of the initial T3 Newsletter, and we are evolving with the times. Whereas the newsletter was limited to the written word, our new format will allow us to make use of audio files and video to bring you a richer experience. As was the case with the T3 Newsletter, we will be accepting contributions from guest columnists on technology topics of interest to advisors. Those interested in submitting content can contact us through this website, or they can email me directly. We’ll also be featuring thought leadership and technical articles on a regular basis from some of our sponsors.

The business model of the newsletter is changing as well. Previously, we only distributed our newsletter to paid subscribers. In order to reach a wider audience, we will be offering both a paid and a free version of the T3 Technology Hub.

Initially, all of the content will be available at no charge so that new visitors can become familiar with the content, but over time some premium content will only be available to paid subscribers. We already have thousands of paid Charter subscribers signed up, and they will get exclusive access to premium content when the premium portion of the site goes live. In addition, premium sponsors receive other benefits, such as exclusive discounts to the T3 Conference and invitations to special VIP events, such as the one we are hosting in Ft. Lauderdale this month for paid subscribers only. We will be announcing other benefits to premium, subscribers in the coming months.

For now, we encourage you to sign up for our mailing list. By doing so, we can alert you to whenever new content is posting on the site. We can also make you aware of special offers and events that are of interest to you.

Thank you.

Joel P. Bruckenstein, CFP
President, Technology Tools for Today

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